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Cycling rain jackets


You can battle the elements with a cycling rain jacket from adidas. Waterproof and water-resistant materials repel water, sweat-wicking fabrics soak up sweat, whilst hoods protect your head from the rain.

Benefit from the protection of a cycling rain jacket

Ensure that you’re ready to cycle in all weather conditions, with a cycling rain jacket from adidas. Advanced technologies across the collection ensure that you won’t be stopped if the skies decide to open. Waterproof and water-repellent fabrics battle the elements, so you don’t get soaked through. Sweat-wicking fabrics absorb moisture from the moment you begin to perspire, keeping you dry on the inside. Hooded options on some of the range mean you can protect your head from wind and rain, too.

Stay dry with rain jackets for cycling

No matter if you’re a keen road cyclist or prefer indoor biking, the adidas range of rain jackets for cycling provides much-needed protection on rainy days. Lightweight and easily packable, you can store a cycling rain jacket in your bag, just in case the weather turns against you during your adventure. With additional touches, such as reflective details to help you stand out when the light fades and pockets for your valuables, you’ll be all set for your next cycle trip.

Cycling jackets for a rainy day

A cycling rain jacket is perfect for long cycle trips, especially when you can’t predict what the weather will be like in the coming days and during temperamental seasons. With the materials designed to dry quickly, too, a rain jacket is a perfect companion for those that don’t want the weather to interrupt their ride. With easy-to-follow care instructions on all the labels, you’ll be able to make your item last longer, too. Before the first clean, check to see how best to wash and dry each item for best results.