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You can’t enjoy your favourite game without a properly inflated ball to play it with. Keep your adidas footballs fully inflated with these durable adidas pumps. Whether you’re playing at home, in training or lining up for the championship on match day, this adidas pump will make sure your football is always firmly inflated so you don’t need to interrupt play. The pump features a dual action design that enables you to inflate on the push as well as the pull, so you can pump your ball up quickly and be back on the field in no time.

Lightweight and practical for everyday use

The adidas football pump is made from polypropylene and comes in various eye-catching colours including black, white and solar red, perfect for all moods. Brighter colours make it extra easy to spot when you need to refill your ball. Perfect for training and on the go, the adidas pump is small and practical in size, so you easily store it in one of your adidas sports bags and carry it along with your gear. The adidas pump comes with one needle and includes an additional air hose so you can make use of it for a long time to come.

Equipment for all aspects of the game

As well as football pumps, adidas also has pressure gauges and needle replacements to ensure your football is properly taken care of and always ready to use. Complete your football kit and show 3-Stripes pride in all aspects of your game. With innovative sportswear and durable equipment, adidas ensures you’ll always be prepared to take on the field with support from only the best in technology, durability and design. The adidas football pump is the perfect practical accessory to give a long lease of life to your adidas football.