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Pink Bomber Jackets


Pink bomber jackets for cozy style

Pink bomber jackets from adidas provide you with warmth and edgy style that ups your street cred. For windy days, the fabric technology in some models resists the wind to help you stay extra warm when it storms. Some of these adidas bomber jackets have UPF 50+ UV protection. This degree of ultraviolet protection offers extra sun-blocking power for brighter days. Our pink bomber jacket construction may also include a taffeta or durable, nylon twill shell paired with warm polyester lining to keep you warm. You may also find styles that are made with a water-repellent, PFC-free finish that helps keep the elements from reaching your body. Some of these jackets feature eco-friendly recycled polyester lining—so while you're using our sustainable pink bomber jacket, you're helping the environment, too.

Warmth and protection

The selection of adidas pink bomber jackets has a variety of details that add to the warmth and protection you enjoy when wearing them. Look for styles that have side pockets to keep your hands warm and ribbed cuffs that keep snow and cold air out of the sleeves. The front closures come in different styles, so you can choose between a bomber jacket that has either a snap-front button closure or one that zips all the way up. You may also choose a pink bomber jacket that is lightweight for warmer days or one with high-loft insulation to wear on extra cold days. If you’re out at night walking or jogging, you may also want to consider a bomber jacket that’s emblazoned with reflective 3-Stripes detailing to make yourself more visible to traffic.

Style, street cred, and warmth

When you express your style by choosing an adidas pink bomber jacket, you’re keeping yourself warm and dry while showing your edgy, athletic style. Side pockets with an integrated headphone channel make it easy for you to take and enjoy your music, plus choosing your favourite from the variety of styles—hip length, waist length, and crop length—lets you show your athletic frame as much or as little as you want.