mens yoga mat



Feel at your most confident and sure-footed as you unfurl an adidas men's yoga mat onto the floor of your yoga class. Our range of supportive, stylish mats offer unparalleled comfort and tactile pleasure in the studio. With a focus on support and comfort, we know using a good quality men's yoga mat is invaluable for stability, and for the protection of your joints as you work through your postures and sequences.

A focus on balance is part and parcel of the yoga experience and the use of a mat on a hard floor is recommended. All our yoga mats have been engineered for great traction, so whether you are in downward dog or something more complicated, you can go that one stage further in confidence and progress your yoga practice. Textured models with extra cushioning provide further comfort and confidence.

Constructed from lightweight material, our mats roll down easily, so you feel carefree as you travel to and from class. Models that come with adjustable carry straps and strings can be chucked over your shoulder for extra ease and they store easily at home.

The range includes a mat specifically for hot yoga classes that can be layered with other men's yoga mats. Lightweight and grippy with a soft, towel-like texture, it provides extra absorbency and comfort when you’re working hard in the heat.

Engineered to repel sweat, our yoga mats don’t get slippy and are easy to clean, so they’re always fresh. adidas styling comes in the form of subtle Badge of Sport labels and low-key branding across the mat. Your yoga mat defines your space within your yoga class, and a cool down meditative session on a comfy mat at the end of the class can bring intense feelings of well-being.

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