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Men • Cycling • Shirts

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Men's cycling tops and shirts with style and substance

Sport your favourite adidas style with our collection of men's cycling tops and shirts. Lightweight, well fitted and comfortable, our cycling clothes for men are designed to let you move with confidence both on and off the bike. Made to combat extreme body movements, our high-performance cycling clothes feature grippy elastic fabrics so everything stays in place as you ride. Cycling tops are fitted with hollow-core fibres for superior insulation while keeping you dry during long days spent outdoors. And for super well-fitted convenience, compression fit designs wrap around the body to support dynamic movements with the security of a locked-in feel. Whether you're hitting the trail or the open road, our range of cycling tops and shirts for men help you generate maximum power, acceleration and endurance.

Cycling tops for men to keep pushing you forward

adidas knows how important it is to have the right clothes to suit your journey. Whether you're travelling to work, heading for the trail or taking on the open road, you need a selection of men's cycling tops and shirts you can trust. Durable and water-repellent coated panels protect from rain and snow, while breathable insulated fabrics trap your body heat, keeping you dry and comfortable. T-shirts with pre-shaped constructions are designed to match your body's movement and deliver a supportive feel throughout all outdoor workouts.

Pick the right features to help you beat the elements

To fully embrace the outdoors, you'll want a choice of men's cycling tops and shirts that help you challenge the elements head-on. Cycling gear that features back pockets with elastic tops and moisture-resistant zips helps keep your valuables safe. Biking tops with full-zip stand-up hoods and fleece-lined collars give you added warmth and wind protection throughout your journey, no matter how long it takes.