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Maternity leggings


Maternity leggings offering stretchy comfort where you need it most

Our selection of maternity leggings and tights aims to offer one of the most versatile products in the workout arena especially for women going through this very important phase of their lives. We believe that the functionality and comfort that adidas maternity leggings and pregnancy gym leggings offer go hand in hand with what mothers need, not only in their workout routines, but also in their everyday lives, where they can be a staple item worn with many outfits. 

Maternity workout leggings to fit your lifestyle 

If we had to choose the most important thing that our pregnancy leggings offer, support would be at the top of the list. Maternity leggings from adidas are made with quality materials that provide you with agility, a great fit and a supportive feel all the way. Go about your weight lifting workout session wearing any of our leggings models offering a compression fit and you'll feel how much support they can provide. Choose any model that includes ventilation and moisture management features to feel how light they can be. Look for mesh inserts in any of our options to know how fresh a workout session can be. Of course, if you wear any of our maternity compression leggings with the iconic adidas branding, you'll very likely stand out, regardless of the activity. 

Pick and mix with confidence

Our maternity leggings are available in different lengths, sizes and styles, so you can choose the best fit and look for your body and frame. The different styles – sports or lifestyles leggings – and the size ranges from plus size to petite are sure to offer you what you are looking for when it comes to this must-have sportswear item. Try wearing them layered or mixed with your everyday outfit for a touch of versatility, and choose from the wide range of colours to help you stand out.