Recycled Swimwear


Recycled swimwear

What could be more fun than having a lovely time while safeguarding the environment for future generations? Sleek and streamlined recycled swimwear can increase your water-based activity and make it more smooth. It is also designed to be resistant to chlorine damage owing to the chlorine content in pools. Chlorine in water damages swimwear and results in quick fading and disintegration of swimwear, but not with the recycled swimwear, since it is in-built with a chlorine-resistant technology. The recycled adidas swimwear, aside from being resistant to quick fading, is also a renewable and sustainable fabric. The fabric is mostly made of reclaimable nylon, recycled elastane tricot and recoverable polyester.

Never compromise on style and comfort

For women taking part in water sports like surfing and diving, the recycled swimwear is designed to offer comfort all day long - a medium opening at the back and on the legs delivers essential coverage and a comfortable fit. If you prefer to go with a simple bikini for your water sports activities, you wouldn’t be offered less valuable wear. The adidas bikini wear is also chlorine-resistant and made with recyclable fabrics to eliminate waste products. An additional adidas symbol on the under-bust band of the bikini provides a characteristic sporty style. The men are not left out in having chlorine-resistant, yet environmentally friendly swim trunks and briefs. While you train your muscles for endurance and strength, which benefits other areas, the recycled swimwear keeps you comfortable with its lightweight and soft fabric.

Selecting the appropriate colour of your recycled swimwear

While you are satisfied with fade-resistant and environmentally friendly swimwear, try to choose swimwear that suits and complements your skin colour. If you are fair skin, sharp colours of navy blue and black will give you a fabulous and luminous look. On the other hand, dark skin would look lovely in white or yellow recycled adidas swimwear. Nevertheless, whatever colour you eventually select for your water sports, stay and look confident in it.