Recycled Bags

adidas have created an exclusive range of recycled bags, because it's never been more important for us all to do our bit for the environment. You'll find a wide selection of our classic designs in dedicated recycled bag versions for your green life.

Recycled bags for a better earth

Make an environmentally conscious choice when purchasing your next bag with this selection of recycled bags by adidas. Available in a variety of styles, which include backpacks, duffel bags, shoulder bags and drawstring bags, these bags are made using recycled materials such as recycled polyester, helping reduce emissions and saving resources all at once. Choose your recycled bag from a selection of colours and designs and commute easily to the gym, to work, or to meet friends, proudly showing off your stylish adidas bag while knowing you are contributing to saving the earth.

Designed for durability and comfort

With this selection of recycled bags by adidas, you are guaranteed comfort through specific design elements such as padded straps which alleviate stress from your shoulders, as well as adjustable straps which allow you to find the perfect fit. You’ll be able to keep the load on your back balanced with compression straps that are positioned on the side and which allow you to compress the contents, while a carry loop will help you effortlessly lift your bag when it’s time to carry it. To add durability, a coating with TPE material gives your recycled bag the ability to withstand rough and windy weather conditions.

A suitable bag for every need

Each style amongst this adidas selection can be matched with a variety of needs thanks to the details that have been incorporated inside and out. Those using their recycled bags to carry their gym gear will love having a mesh pocket on the side to store items that need aeration such as used towels or shoes, while those commuting to work will prefer bags with a dedicated and padded internal laptop compartment. If you want extra protection for your gear when it starts raining, then look for a backpack equipped with a flap top, while a style with zip pockets on the outside will enable you to store a few essentials within easy reach.