Swimwear Lycra


LYCRA® swimwear

For decades, the world’s greatest athletes have used LYCRA® to take their performance to the next level, and that’s exactly what this collection of LYCRA® swimwear represents. LYCRA® fibre is one of the world’s most popular forms of Elastane, a synthetic material that has revolutionised swimwear for providing unbeatable levels of durability, shape retention, comfort and freedom of movement. This allows elite swimmers to move through the water and maximise their technique, while also keeping them supported and comfortable the whole time, including between races. With this collection of LYCRA® swimwear from adidas, swimmers of all levels can benefit from the same technology.

Support, comfort, performance

The key to LYCRA®’s performance is its compression, adding power to the wearer’s movement by returning the garment to its original shape and reducing the muscle fatigue and strain of the athlete. This selection of LYCRA® swimwear includes a number of different styles to allow all types of swimmers to benefit from this technology, including bikinis with tops and bottoms, swimsuits and tankinis and swim boxers. Choose your preferred style of garment and take to the water empowered by innovative technology from adidas, not only improving your performance but also keeping you supremely comfortable from your first dive to final stroke.

Elite performance meets trend-setting appearance

For years, athletes have had to compromise somewhere between the performance and appearance of their swimwear. With this collection of LYCRA® swimwear from adidas, this is a thing of the past. Trend-setting designs elevated by iconic adidas detailing means you can look your best in and out of the pool. Ongoing collaborations also let you choose from exclusive designs with their own stories, from exciting new designers to organisations that are helping cut down emissions and reduce ocean waste. With LYCRA® swimwear from adidas, wearing the best has never looked so good.