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Girls & Boys Skiing Gloves


Girls’ & boys’ skiing gloves

Girls’ and boys’ skiing gloves are very personal items—you can put them into pretty much any kind of jacket and pants, within reason, and they'll happily run off outdoors—they're more fussy about their skiing accessories though, so it's best to leave them to choose their own when you're looking to buy some for them. They'll want to get a good balance between looking cool and getting a good grip on their skis as they're learning the ropes and developing their skills, which is exactly what our range of kids skiing gloves offers—great looks and the right functionality.

Skiing gloves or mittens, the choice is yours

The first choice to make when you're choosing girls and boys skiing gloves is whether to get mittens or fingered ones. The younger ones tend to prefer the mittens, and they're also much easier to get onto their little hands, so if your kids are still romping around in the snow rather than actually skiing, adidas ski mittens are the best recommendation. They come in adorable colours and patterns that you can use to complement the rest of their little skiing outfits. For older ones, look for adidas boys’ ski gloves in bold sporty designs, and ones for girls’ in the fashions that they prefer.

Proper ski gloves for sporting kids

Our girls and boys skiing gloves are the real deal too, so your budding ski competitors will get all the little details that the sport demands. They're lightweight yet rugged, with adjustable wrist buckles that ensure a snug fit and prevent them from slipping off. They're both wind and water resistant, and have excellent insulation properties to make sure that young hands are kept warm for as long as the session lasts. A careful combination of inner fabrics ensures that they don't impede grip and movement while protecting against the cold and wet.