adidas Ultraboost for Kids


adidas Ultraboost running shoes for kids

Using the cutting-edge technology that adidas have created for athletes, first seen in their Ultraboost adults range, adidas are proud to make running shoes with that same Ultraboost technology available for its kids collection. Designed with kids in mind, this is a stylish yet practical range of kids running shoes which will support your child’s fitness regime.

Ultraboost technology

Now for the science bit. Feet can have a hard time during workouts, which is why Ultraboost running shoes for kids have been created using a 3D heel frame. This 3D heel frame will allow your child’s heel to naturally expand and remain supported with an even pressure distribution. The ‘boost’ in Ultraboost refers to the shoe’s midsole which is designed to return to its original state with each step. Each of the Ultraboost midsoles contain thousands of steam-bonded foam capsules. These tiny capsules enable the midsole to reform with each step, which gives a more energetic, bouncy feel to your child’s stride.

Why should parents choose Ultraboost for kids?

adidas believe that choosing from their range of Ultraboost running shoes for kids is a great way to encourage and maintain your growing children’s all-important fitness regime. Looks are important too, which is why adidas have created the Ultraboost kids range to suit even the choosiest of young customers. These street style running shoes come in a variety of colours and styles which will appeal to you and your child alike. While children’s feet are still developing, it is important to choose footwear that supports those natural changes in the best possible way. Choosing adidas Ultraboost running shoes for kids will give you the reassurance you need that your child’s running shoes will not only look good, but will also support your child’s changing foot care needs as they grow.