Snowboard Kids

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Snowboard kids

It's never too young to learn to snowboard. Feast your eyes on an ever so cute range of kids’ and baby snowboarding wear from adidas. They're very functional as well, so they'll provide the right kind of protection for kids, from those nudging the tweens to the very littlest ones. They're perfectly adaptable too and they can be used for general cold weather outdoor play as well, making them an all-round favourite that will see very good use from the moment you get them.

Warmth and protection top the priority list

From boots to pants to jackets, we make sure that your snowboard kids are well insulated against the cold weather. They're designed to allow kids to be able to enjoy winter pastimes and play outside in the winter, keeping them warm, dry, and comfortable. They're easy to clean and are durable enough to withstand what the average young kid is likely to put them through. Even the smallest snowboarding baby can venture out, snugly kitted out and protected from the weather. Fabrics are tough where they need to be, and soft where it matters too, combining optimal weather resistance with complete comfort.

Kit them out at every stage of their growth

Of course even the youngest snowboard kids want to look stylish and the adidas range of clothing and accessories won't let them down on that front. Boots are beautifully colour coordinated, with the adidas 3-Stripes marking them out as something a little bit special—we all know that kids can be brand conscious even at an early age. Jackets and trousers come in a selection of styles, colours, and sizes allowing you to choose something distinctive every time, whether for your young one's first attempt at baby snowboarding, or for seasoned adidas fans who can pick out their own favourite winter wear as they get older. We can kit them out at every stage of their growth.