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Kids Ski Wear

Boys / Girls
£45 - £46

Kids’ ski wear

Buying ski wear for kids can be a little daunting, with all the options that are available. We keep it simple, functional, and stylish, giving you a range of winter sports clothing and accessories that will perfectly outfit your children for the outdoor life in winter. From kids’ ski gloves to children's skiing trousers and jackets—we have the right gear to fit them at any age, no matter if they just like to romp around the ski slopes or whether they've reached an age where they're taking their skiing a bit more seriously. Above all you can expect superb quality and durability, with the cachet that only the adidas brand can give.

Everything you need to take the children skiing

Insulation is one of the first things you'll want to take care of, and we offer you a variety of choices in that department. The warmest clothing options are down jackets and fleece-lined trousers, but there is also the option of a shell jacket that will provide waterproofing and protection, only without the insulating layer inside. Trousers come with reinforced fabric around the areas that are likely to make the most contact with the ground, like the knees. Our materials resist moisture, and the styles are cut in such a way that your child can wear other clothing underneath if preferred.

Plenty of stylish kids’ ski accessories

Once you've taken care of the basics you'll want to get the kids some accessories that will further protect them from the elements and the odd fall as they're honing their skiing abilities. Good kids’ ski gloves are essential, of course; ours will provide protection and warmth, as well as good grip on the ski handles. Ski socks will keep little feet snug and warm, and perfectly complement our kids’ range of ski boots. You can kit them out completely, all in one place, and watch them with pride and peace of mind, knowing that they look great out there and are also well protected from the hazards of the winter outdoors.