Kids Running Tights


Kids’ running tights energise and protect young muscles

Our kids’ running tights are dynamic attire for powering through workouts. Recycled polyester and elastane double-knit materials combine to construct strong, durable leggings that stretch as they move. Alphaskin tech mimics the body’s contours for supreme comfort and compresses young muscles to avoid injury. Mesh panels on the inner thighs prevent chafing and provide ventilation so legs remain cool and energised. Elastic waist and cuffs remain securely in place while exterior stitching in wrap-around seams reduces skin irritation for all-day wearability. These tights are designed to extract maximum effort winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Kids’ running leggings: ideal starter kit for budding athletes

Give your young athletes innovative, high-quality clothing for all their athletic activities. Kids’ running leggings can be part of an ideal starter kit for developing endurance and speed on the street or the track. As a multi-purpose garment, they can be worn to football, tennis or basketball training and will demonstrate flexibility equally well on the yoga mat. During the cold weather months, kids can employ them for physical education classes at school and on the weekends they are easy wear for chilling out at home. Their heat-reducing properties are also vital assets for enjoying long walks in warmer temperatures.  

Kids’ tights for running: unique garments require special handling

Browse our online store for similar products that will help enhance their training efforts. Otherwise, you can find various solid print and graphic tees to assemble outfits they will love to wear. Your kids’ tights for running are unique garments that require special care and handling. Always separate colours before washing; with dark items always use mild detergents and cold water in the washer. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners and do not dry-clean in order to avoid damage. Low heat is preferred when using the dryer, otherwise line dry immediately after washing. Similarly, if you need to touch up, keep the iron on cool when pressing.