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Indoor football trainers

When you’re playing indoor football, whether on wood, ceramic or synthetic turf, adidas indoor trainers offer the traction and support you need to dominate the ball. The materials used to manufacture the soles enhance the way different styles perform on indoor surfaces. Uppers with stitching or grip coating provide control over the ball so great that it will practically stick to your foot when you’re running across the pitch. Comfort features like supportive midsoles that deliver incredible energy return and mesh upper sections that provide breathability are also incorporated into the shoe designs to help your feet stay cool and ready for more action.

Elements of style

While performance is the most important consideration when choosing indoor football trainers, players may also want a certain colour or design element that gives them a personal look. These football boots from adidas come in range of striking colours and designs that show off the iconic 3-Stripes or demonstrate support for a favourite football club or player.

Soles for different playing surfaces

When you’re playing on indoor surfaces, the soles of your indoor football trainers need to accommodate the texture of the pitch. adidas football trainers come with a wide variety of sole types to suit your needs exactly. Rubber soles deliver a grippy sensation without leaving marks on wood and ceramic flooring. For synthetic turf, EVA soles deliver the tread and texture that gives players an extra push for reaching intense running speeds.

Enjoy a wider range of motion

While the outsole delivers the bulk of a shoe’s traction, indoor football trainers also have design elements like lightweight construction and flexibility that are built into the body and insole portion of the shoes. Laceless, sock-fit styles offer a snug fit that lets you use the upper part of your foot without laces affecting the way the ball moves. Lace-up trainers, on the other hand, allow each player to adjust the snugness individually to provide maximum comfort and create a secure fit.