How to Keep your Trainers From Losing Their Shape

There’s nothing worse than wearing your favourite trainers and creasing them up. Keep your shoes in top condition easily with this simple guide.


When the time comes to protect your trainers, follow these dos and don’ts.


  1. Alternate your trainers – We know you love your kicks, but wearing the same trainers day in and day out will increase chance of wearing them down. Mix it up.
  2. Use a shoehorn – Always unlace your trainers and take them off with the help of a shoehorn. This will eliminate any additional wear or heel damage.
  3. Keep your trainers clean – Clean your trainers often to reduce the chance of debris scratching or permanently damaging the material.
  4. Use a shoe shaper while storing – Trainer toes will begin to crease when they don’t have proper support. Use a shoe shaper to maintain the maximum amount of support for your favourite shoes.


  • Pull your shoes off by stepping on your heel. Always unlace your shoes before taking them off.
  • Pile your shoes up in your closet. Keep your shoes organized.

Here are some additional tips for keeping your favourite sneakers clean:

Keep the box

Any sneakerhead knows everything you need to keep your trainers in great condition can be found in their original box. Store them in the original box and protect your sneakers from toe damage with shoe forms.

Now that your shoes look fresh: Get out there and show them off. And if that’s not enough, treat yourself to a fresh new pair. Shop for shoes.