Handball Balls


Handball balls for fun and fine-tuned performance

The adidas range of handball balls comes in a variety of colours and designs to suit your aesthetic tastes. At their core, they share all the same high-performance technology that our R&D has produced over the many years we've been involved in this fast-paced indoor sport. Due to the indoor surfaces, they're made from non-marking materials that produce a resin-free surface with excellent non-wearing properties. This is typically a polyurethane layer wrapped around a rubber bubble. The seams are hand stitched with each panel having been cured, giving them a tailored finish, which elevates them into the top league of court balls. They have over-inflation protection because of their high-tolerance materials and construction, and their air retention properties are also excellent. This means that they'll remain at optimum pressure for longer.

A handball ball you can use in games and for home practice

Our handball balls may be highly engineered but they're not exclusively made for top athletes. Everyone will benefit from their non-stick, easy to grip surfaces – and of course durability is a hallmark as well. The multiple layers of materials ensure a predictable bounce, and help them to keep a true round form throughout their lifespan. This also keeps their aerodynamic properties intact, so that the ball travels true when you throw it for a pass or take a shot at goal. They're rugged and tough as well, designed for a fast, high impact sport where the ball is thrown hard and can land on a number of different types of surfaces in a typical indoor handball court. You can choose from a set of standard sizes as specified for different levels and purposes of the game, from league play to balls that are slightly smaller for practice and for kids' hands to be able to throw and catch them.