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Boxing Hand Wraps

Boxing White Boxing Crepe BandageBoxing White Boxing Crepe Bandage

Boxing Crepe Bandage


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Boxing Crepe Bandage


Boxing hand wraps

Before you head to boxing training and start punching away at those heavy bags, protect your hands with this bandage created specifically for boxing. Made with crepe material that has stretchy properties to ensure it wraps around your whole hand, the boxing hand wraps in the adidas collection are soft to the touch and will take the shape of your hand for a comfortable fit. Go for a style that proudly displays the adidas logo and classic 3-Stripes brand if you want to make a statement, but if you prefer something more discreet you will also find a style that is more suitable to your personal taste.

Keeping you comfortable inside and out

When choosing a pair of boxing hand wraps, it is important to pick one that will give you all the comfort you need to complete your training hassle free. The pairs in the adidas collection do just that through designs that have been researched to ensure each product fits perfectly. Boxing hand wraps with an attached thumb loop provide extra stability and protection for your thumb and not just for the other fingers, while the presence of a long hook and loop type of closure enables you to tighten the wrap as per your preference ensuring a secure fit. In addition, adidas uses exclusively dyes that are AZO-free in the production of their boxing hand wraps which are eco-friendly and help protect your hands from the harm of chemicals.

Adequate protection for added confidence

Head to your boxing session with confidence knowing your hands are fully protected with every punch. The soft material of these wraps will keep your hands smooth even after the most intense training sessions, while the ability to control the bandage’s tightness and how it wraps around your hand ensures comfort at all times.

Boxing hand wraps keep you cocked and ready to fire

Knocking down your opponent shouldn’t leave your hands out for the count. Our selection of adidas boxing hand wraps features woven tape of pure cotton to encase your hands with comfortable softness. They also protect them from the effects of high-energy impact with opponents and training equipment. While hook-and-loop closures ensure they fit securely from first round to last. Perfect accessories for training, you can use them as is or within a glove for additional protection during sparring bouts and competition.