Gym & Training Gear

Welcome to all the gym gear you'll ever need. Discover premium training kit for men, women and children in the best-selling adidas range. Our fitness designs are made for performance and comfort with pieces ranging from high-end designer collaborations to activewear staples. Browse to discover head-to-toe gym gear for every workout from cardio to resistance, HIIT to strength and everything in between. Our gym and training range is infused with multiple technologies to keep you training outdoors in all weathers and challenging yourself at the gym. Choose designs that are breathable, sweat-wicking, lightweight to keep you comfortable, in cuts that deliver distraction-free comfort via clothing with great support, coverage and freedom of movement. With looks this good, nothing need keep you from your next session.


Whether you're a seasoned fitness fanatic or you're right at the start of your workout journey, you want to make sure you give yourself every advantage when you set yourself the challenge. Investing in premium quality gym gear is essential. Having the right apparel for training has a huge impact on how you feel during your workout. The adidas range features pieces in lightweight and breathable fabrics that draw moisture away from your skin to help you stay cool no matter how intense your regime gets. Choose designs with a cut and comfort to fit your routine – no gaping, rising, sagging or restriction. Outside your regime, adidas fitness clothing is just as suited to everyday wear as it is for trips to the gym.


Focus is essential when you’re mastering a move or pushing yourself. Clothes that distract you are your nemesis, threatening to get in your way or leave you in a hot, sweaty mess. The adidas range of gym training clothing has been constructed so that you can forget about them and turn your attention to more important things – whether you’re exercising indoors or out, in warm weather or cool. With sportswear and technologies tailored to your needs, you’re free to keep going and get the most out of your session every time. To complete your look, browse gym training accessories for the perfect finishing touches to your activewear wardrobe.


Not all workouts are the same, so it's vital to make sure that your fitness gear suits your specific needs. While much adidas gym gear is designed to be incredibly versatile, it's still important to consider products with features that meet the specific needs you have when you’re working out. Our range of gym training shoes features designs calibrated for trail, indoor, treadmill and more. Whether a lightweight design would suit you or a style carefully adapted for steadiness and grip in the gym, you’re sure to find a high-performing model that appeals.

Gym & Training Gear Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re training, you need pieces that allow you to work out in complete comfort and security. adidas activewear is comfortable, well-fitting, and stylish.
Great news you’ve decided to make the move and get to the gym! Some general advice is to wear layers you can remove to stay comfy as you start to warm up. After that, simply choose adidas designs to suit your exercise routine.
The answer depends where you are on your fitness journey and your preferred exercise. Once you have chosen your ideal adidas training wear, begin with short sessions and build up gradually.