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Girls Swim Caps

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Girls' swim caps

Girls' swim caps are an essential part of any swimming outfit, especially for those who are regulars at the swimming pool, as the protection of hair from weathering conditions and constant exposure to water and chlorine is of utmost importance. In the adidas collection of girls' swim caps you will find both fabric swim caps that are made with a stretchy material and silicone caps that provide a secure and comfortable fit. They are available in a variety of colours and designs that range from large branding, such as having the classic adidas 3-Stripes displayed loud and clear across the cap, to more discreet versions of the logo displayed on the side for those who prefer a more reserved style.

Comfort and protection in all conditions

Whether you choose a fabric or a silicone girls' swim cap, you can rest assured that it has been designed for full protection, regardless of the swimming environment. Fabric caps are all given a water-repellent finish with the addition of a special coating that helps maintain dry hair. In addition, the material used has high stretch capacity, which helps reduce the amount of hair pulled as you put it on or take it off. On the other hand, silicone caps have been designed ergonomically using moulds that are head-shaped to ensure a superior and more comfortable fit. The material used is also resistant to tearing, making it easy to stretch while putting it on and off without the fear of damage.

A swim cap for every look

Consider the following when going through this range of girls swim caps: are you looking for something that will keep its shape and help keep your hair in place such as a silicone cap, or do you prefer the flexibility that a fabric cap offers? Are you looking to make a statement with a large logo or do you prefer a more discreet design? With the adidas collection of girls' swim caps, you can be sure to find a style and colour that suits your preferences.