Headbands for Girls

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Headbands for girls

Imagine competing in an intense hockey or tennis match and having your vision impaired by the sweat pouring down your face. Or how about having your treadmill run interrupted by loose strands of hair getting in your eyes, just as you’re aiming for a new personal best record. These little inconveniences could mean the difference between winning matches and enjoying workouts, which is why headbands for girls come in so handy. This tiny bit of fabric makes a big difference, trapping sweat and keeping it from streaming down your face, keeping your hair in place as well as helping to regulate your temperature in both hot and cold weather.

A completely functional garment

Take advantage of the adidas wide range of headbands with designs to suit any occasion. Get your daughter to enjoy emulating some of her favourite tennis stars with a classic white or black tennis headband with embroidered adidas badge on the front. These designs are made from a stretchy mix of materials including polyacrylics, cotton and polyester to fit comfortably on your little champion’s head. And because headbands for girls are designed to keep kids dry, they’ve been specially equipped with quick-drying technology so as not to remain damp. Plus, the construction and thickness of these hairbands will neatly keep hair strands out of one’s face.

A pretty and stylish accessory to boot

Whether your girl enjoys a relaxed hike on a Saturday morning, dominates the netball court or prefers the wild side as an adrenaline junkie who snowboards, you'll find an array of headbands for girls for her choose from. These headbands are much more than a functional accessory too. The multitude of bright colours of this adidas range transforms this accessory into a decorative piece on those days when a girl just can't be bothered to fuss over that perfect hairstyle.