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Cropped Hoodies for Girls


Cropped hoodies for girls

Does your teenage daughter’s sense of style borrow from urban fashion? Is street cred super important to her? Then why not add a modern and edgy touch to the traditional hoodie with the adidas range of cropped hoodies for girls. These fashion-forward designs feature everything from asymmetric cuts to leopard-spotted prints, keeping your little one ahead of the trend.

Comfortable, low-maintenance fabrics

adidas cropped hoodies for girls are made from fabric that is soft and smooth to the touch. These pieces provide ideal insulation and comfort, with a range of designs that offer 70% cotton as well as 30% recycled polyester. The cropped length midriff shows off the tiniest bit of skin that will satisfy the playful side of girls aged 8 to 16, while also providing peace of mind for parents who want to ensure their girls are still dressing age-appropriate. Choose between all-black or more daring multi-colour designs that sport the iconic 3-Stripes adidas logo, cleverly camouflaged on the front part of the hoody.

Adjust the cropped hoodie to your style

The adidas cropped girls' hoodie makes for a versatile garment that can be worn to accommodate any type of weather. Roll up the long sleeves with ribbed cuffs to elbow length when in warmer temperatures, or keep the sleeves all the way down to provide protection against a colder climate. Similarly, girls can also create a cooler aesthetic by wearing the hood up over their heads, simultaneously protecting them from the elements.

The perfect post-gym item

Are you a sport or gym enthusiast? Then the cropped hoodie for girls makes for the perfect post-gym workout item to have in your sports bag. This garmet will help regulate your body temperature as your body cools down after a tough session of active sweating. Alternatively, incorporate your cropped hoodie into your day-to-day wardrobe and pair it with a pair of denim jeans, shorts or a denim skirt with sneakers as part of a casual ensemble for an afternoon outing.