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Clipless cycling shoes


Tough terrain is no match when you have our clipless cycling shoes. They give you a feeling of total control at the pedals and are made from recycled material combinations.

Clipless cycling shoes customised for MTB

Our clipless cycling shoes will help you take on any terrain. They have a comfortable and snug regular fit, with laces as well as hook-and-loop closures to make sure they stay put. They’re partly made from recycled materials and come in sizes and designs for all genders. Their sturdy sidewalls are made with carbon-infused nylon shanks, and custom adidas rubber outsoles ensure high levels of grip. The uppers are made from either leather or weather-resistant micro-perforated synthetic materials, with a mesh overlay for enhanced breathability.

Clipless road biking shoes you can trust

Our clipless cycling shoes offer a very good combination of comfort and grip, giving optimal pedal contact and allowing you to power through each stroke. They have coated leather uppers that impart a measure of water resistance and moulded sock liners to prevent slippage that can lead to chafing and blisters. The sturdy sidewalls of our clipless biking shoes prevent lateral foot movement when you’re pedalling, which helps to reduce the risk of strains and ensures all your energy is travelling in a straight line through the pedal contact point, for maximum power.

Cycling shoes with built-in versatility

Our clipless cycling shoes come with another trick up their sleeves. While they’re mainly designed for clipless riding, they’re also engineered with slots that are compatible with clip pedals, so you can use them just as easily either way. They come in a range of modern designs, so they look really stylish, too, and you can match them with your other cycling gear. You’ll find plenty of cycling socks, shorts and tops here, too.