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Breathable Cycling Jackets

Five Ten Bike All-Mountain Rain Jacket
Five Ten Bike All-Mountain Rain Jacket
Five Ten All-Mountain Rain Jacket

Breathable cycling jackets for all conditions

Enjoy the adidas style of breathable cycling jackets wherever your bike route takes you. Made for everyone from road cyclists to mountain bikers, these lightweight outdoor coats help your body stay regulated during seasonal cold rides. Designed with wind protection in mind, soft shell fabrics provide cool cycling jackets for men and women that let the wind breeze right on by. Offering more water resistance than a fleece and more flexibility than a standard waterproof, adidas's collection of outdoor cycling jackets help deliver a great riding experience, come rain, wind or shine.

Choosing the right biking clothes to suit your needs

Whether you're heading down a long road or hitting the mud jumps, adidas knows you need a breathable cycling jacket that stands up to your ambition. You need clothes for the outdoors designed to keep you super dry and warm on the coldest of days. Furthermore, you need a jersey that provides safety and convenience to hit the road with confidence. Lightweight designs that fold up easily into even small bags, so you can take it anywhere, on or off the cycle. Bike coats that include effective moisture-resistant zip pockets to store essential items such as food, keys, wallet or phone. When you're mounted and raring to go, it's safety all the way with the inclusion of reflective details to help you be seen.

Breathable cycling jackets with substance beneath the style

Under that classic adidas style is the substance to match your aspirations. Our breathable biker’s coats include stretchy fabric for a comfortable fit and full zip stand-up collars keep your neck warm as you ride. A durable water-repellent coating helps block wind and light moisture, while the design of fur inspired insulation fabric means we can provide biking jackets that trap more heat and dry faster. No matter the route you choose to take, our biking jackets give outdoor lovers everywhere the style and substance to stay outside.