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Boys Shin Pads and Shin Guards

Boys / Girls
£11 - £12

adidas Shin Pads and Shin Guards for boys

Regardless of the football position you play, shin guards are a must. Required for training and matches, shin pads for boys keep the shins and the front of the ankle protected from other players’ stray kicks and other impacts. Boys shin guards need to fit properly, so adidas offers them in three youth sizes to accommodate both younger and older boys. These come in styles including shin pads for boys that slide into socks – a great choice for midfielders, forwards and goalkeepers – while defenders may prefer the fuller protection offered by boys shin guards that strap around the shin and ankle.

Choosing sock-style shin guards

Sock-style boys shin guards deliver protection without restricting a player's flexibility, manoeuvrability or speed. These socks are made with integrated shields that provide players with secure protection, which doesn't shift when running or kicking. When it's time to clean up after a match, the shield slides out of the sock easily to make it simple to wash the player's gear. This style of shin pads for boys offers a snug fit for comfortable support, while the pad's shield is moulded from thermoplastic gum for a contoured fit and impact absorption. The adidas logo is printed on the front of the socks for a stylish touch, and the socks come in your choice of three youth sizes to ensure comfort and a good fit.

Choosing strap-on shin guards

For players in positions that require more intense protection, the adidas strap-on style shin guards for boys offer fuller coverage to protect more of the calf and ankle area. On this style of boys shin guard, a tough outer shield and cushioned inner layer protect shins from impact and absorb shocks. Adjustable top straps help increase the player's comfort level, and a secure fit plus protective ankle guards deliver the ultimate in lower leg protection.

Protective boys' shin pads for your peace of mind

Watching your boy play football is great fun, but every parent has moments when they worry about injuries, particularly from accidental kicks to the shin. Our boys' shin pads will help you breathe easier. They come in a range of sizes to keep pace as he grows and feature a resilient outer shield, which is cushioned on the inside. Made from contoured thermoplastic, they are moulded to enhance their impact absorption abilities. You can get them as slip-in pads or more robust strap-around shin guards.