/ June 2021

Stonewall FC

Stonewall FC is far more than just a football club. For the past 30 years they have been one of the leading voices championing LGBT+ equality both on and off the field, making sure football is a safe and inclusive place for anyone who wants to be a part of the game.


Unfortunately, discrimination remains a constant blight in the world of football, but Stonewall FC is driven by the need for the beautiful game to become a more inclusive and welcoming space for all and specifically members of the LGBT+ community. Currently operating three teams in central London and providing two types of weekly football sessions that are open to all (and with their 1st XI ranked as the highest LGBT+ football team in British football), it’s no exaggeration to say that they are making the game we all love a little better.

Stonewall FC is driven by the need for the beautiful game to become a more inclusive and welcoming space for all and specifically members of the LGBT+ community.


Since partnering with adidas, Stonewall FC has been able to relocate to a new home stadium, meaning they are nearer and more accessible to the to the LGBT+ communities of Hackney, Stratford and Soho, creating a space that is free of discrimination and a safe environment for anyone wanting to play or watch football.

But the goal isn’t just to benefit these communities, with the support of adidas they will now look to increase the profile of the club, ultimately recruiting new players and supporters alike to build a discrimination-free community. The partnership with adidas will also give Stonewall FC the opportunity to broaden their own offering as they look to launch a Women’s and Non-Binary team.This team aims to support the growth of the women's game from the grassroots up, whilst ensuring the club are facilitating access opportunities for both Women and Non-binary members of the LGBT+ community. See how they're achieveing this on

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/ June 2021