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Black Jumper Dresses


Turn up the style in the black jumper dresses

Sportswear never looked so sleek than the black jumper dresses. Made with soft, warm material that will leave you feeling warm and snug on any given day.

Black jumper dresses to impress

Sports style doesn't stop in the gym. Take your swag to the street with the adidas black jumper dresses. These dresses come in slim to regular fit and will hug your body in the cosiest way. You can wear them with a pair of socks and trainers for a more casual everyday look, or spice them up with some flashy high heeled stilettos or a long pair of boots. The style options are endless, and you can always dress up or dress down with this stylish collection. As part of our sustainable fashion initiative, we have used recycled polyester in a bid to save resources and reduce emissions. We've also partnered with Better Cotton Initiative to help improve the farming conditions in cotton fields all over the world. To keep the collection classic and simplistic, we've featured our staple adidas logo discreetly on each item.

Get the most out of the black jumper dresses

If you're unsure of which black jumper dress to go for, we've got you covered. If you want to go for a more elegant look over sporty and casual, then we have items with a tapered sleeve. This might sound like a minor adjustment, but the tapered sleeve is enough to change the whole look of your dress. It gives a nice finish to the item making the dresses look neat and "dressy". The typical jumper dresses, which are more on the regular fitted side, are great if you just want to throw on something cosy and comfortable. They act as a jumper so will keep you feeling nice and warm during the colder months.