Baby Accessories


Enhance their style with baby accessories

Let your little one embrace the iconic adidas look as well with this selection of accessories for babies. Specifically designed for zero to one-year-olds, it features a range of items that are perfect for letting little ones accessorise. With everything from sets of socks to mini backpacks, this is the place for taking your baby’s wardrobe to the next level. And because it’s adidas, you can be sure that you’re getting baby accessories that are ready to deal with anything and which represent the iconic 3-Stripes style that has stood the test of time.

Enhanced by adidas

With decades of experience in providing elite-level sportswear to the world’s best athletes, with this collection you can be sure that your little one will benefit from baby accessories made to the highest standards—just in a smaller package. For example, mini backpacks let your little one carry all their essentials with ease and in happiness thanks to padded shoulder straps that remain comfortable for the whole day. Socks are knitted from specifically blended fabrics that retain warmth and are super soft to the touch with slip-resistant pads attached to the bottom to ensure your baby can walk, crawl or play in safety. The babies collection from adidas uses technology to let your little one focus on nothing else but exploring and learning.

Let them find their style

Accessories are all about expressing yourself, and these accessories for babies lets your child do the same. A range of styles and colours are available for children 0-1 years old to match their personality and current wardrobe, from classic pieces that keep it simple to bolder colourways that let young ones truly make a statement. With the adidas collection of baby accessories, young ones can have the very best and embrace the iconic 3-Stripes style from early.