Provocative Silhouette. Premium Styling.

Fashion-infused elements and premium materials define this luxe and limited Arkyn edition.

Available now. Exclusive to her.

Fashion meets the archive.

Tomorrow’s design blends with the most iconic details from the archive for a contemporary sneaker. Exclusive to her, the progressive silhouette of the Arkyn sneaker features high fashion elements and the energy-returning power of BOOST cushioning.

An eclectic silhouette.


Kendall Jenner, New York, 2017.

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Those who won’t be labeled.

Serbian artist Ana Kras is a multifaceted creative phenomenon. Producing works within the world of furniture design, interior architecture, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and fashion, she evokes the true spirit of Arkyn.

Soccer player Florencia Galarza is a woman of many talents, making her perfect for Arkyn. Turning setback into opportunity after an injury in her teens while a USWNT hopeful, she became an in-demand DJ, touring with Kanye West—and is now back playing, most-recently pro for Boca Juniors.

She might be one of the most famous models in the world, but won’t let herself be defined by it. Moving seamlessly between designing, writing, acting, and photographing her friends and family, she is a shining example of an empowered female creator who cannot be boxed in.

Musician Syv de Blare mixes contrasting genres to create her very own soundscape. Even though her heart lies in music, she is also an avid photographer, proving the essence of Arkyn: that creativity exists within you in more than just one way.

What do professional dance and floral design have in common? Marisa Competello! After nearly a decade working as a stylist assistant, she craved change. Being a true Arkyn woman, she founded Meta Flora: her NYC-based floral design studio, making minimalist creations reflecting her interest in movement, line, color and texture.

Never the same. Never expected.