Sustainable Clothes

adidas offer an extensive range of sustainable clothes, to continue our commitment to take care of our planet. From recycled polyester tops to swimwear made of ocean plastics, our sustainable clothing line is looking towards the future.

Sustainable clothes

With persistent research and innovation, adidas is delivering a high-performance, elegant, line of sustainable clothing. Sustainable clothes are made by using the abundantly-available resource of waste. Marine plastic collected from islands, shores, and coastal communities is shredded, melted and moulded to be integrated with the clothing designs. Polyester requires a lot of water and resources, which is why recycled polyester is used in place of virgin material. In the quest of building a healthier planet, adidas keep an eye on the entire life cycle of an item of clothing. This recycled and reworked yarn delivers the same performance and comfort, while saving the environment in many ways. The fabric used in sustainable clothing is breathable, and the mesh design adds to the ventilation, this enhanced airflow keeps you remarkably cool and fresh. The material is capable of guiding perspiration away, for a dry and energetic feel, even on hot sunny days and during high-intensity workouts.

Action for a sustainable future

Taking yesterday’s waste, adidas is making sincere and effective actions in creating a sustainable future. Created with renewable material, these clothes reduce the CO2 emission and the impact on the environment significantly. The process of making sustainable clothes is also carefully deliberated to use less water, energy, and chemicals, to save resources. The sustainable clothes from adidas are redefining fashion. Innovation has become the key to contemporary fashion trends.

Boost your style with the best sustainable clothing

Sustainable clothes made from recycled material are not short in style and enthusiasm. The recycled clothing range from adidas is admired equally by athletes, artists, and activists. You will notice the amazing blend of fashion and care for the environment in these models. There are trousers, jackets, t-shirts, tank tops, among other items of apparel. You can choose your pick and create your own style with pride. You can also choose a hoodie, with a built-in visor made with reworked plastic. Crazy patterns and countless colour options allow you to create a classic, sporty, bold, or pop look, that is always consistent with your mood, occasion, and season.