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    miCoach SMART RUN

    Slip it on and step it up. The miCoach SMART RUN delivers an advanced, intuitive blend of coaching and performance data designed to help serious runners maximize training every time you lace up your shoes. Clean and simple, it delivers a strapless continuous heart rate, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, wireless music player, WLAN and a colour touch screen. (In order to activate, use and update this product, a PC or Mac, an internet connection via WiFi and a miCoach User account are required. In addition, the acceptance of the Legal & Privacy Terms and Warranty Information is required.)
    • Real-time cardio coaching with miCoach training plans created by elite coaches; Animated strength and flexibility training; Customisable training data screens; Workout review; Watch and timer function; 4GB memory for music and data
    • Coaching delivered via visual messages; For audible coaching and music a wireless headset is sold separately
    • Fully integrated strap-free heart-rate sensor; GPS-based speed, distance, cadence and route; Single-button user interaction; Invisible sync to miCoach.com for automatic updates; miCoach SMART RUN requires internet access over WLAN for initial setup and data sync
    • Display: 1.45” full colour transflective TFT LCD, 184px x 184px touch screen; Battery: 410mAh lithium ion, charging time max 4 hrs
    • Usage: Coaching with music: up to 4hrs; Marathon mode without music: up to 8hrs
    • Materials: Soft touch silicon strap, stainless steel bezel, buckle and detailing, magnesium backplate; Weight: 2.8 ounces
    Rated 3.4 out of 5 by 43 reviewers.
    Rated 2 out of 5 by Not happy Jan! Well at $500 you would expect something pretty top notch. I have had mine for about 3 months now. Issues: 1. Very very poor battery life compared to my old Garmin or Nokia Lumia 1020. 2. Very very poor GPS lock compared to my old Garmin or Nokia Lumia 1020. 3. Very very poor GPS tracking (some of the routes it tracked on my circuit!) compared to my Nokia Lumia 1020 using Micoach or Runtastic. This is all hardware related. Some good attributes: 1. Coaching. 2. Bluetooth connectivity etc These are software related and not particularly special to Smart Run. Mine will not turn on now (and yes it has been charged up). I would wait until the technology improved. 28 February 2014
    Rated 5 out of 5 by great job Adidas! I've been using the miCoach mobile app for a long time now because it's the only app that delivers the coaching I need to keep me on track in my training program. of course carrying the phone is cumbersome and I'm not a big fan of the arm bands when i run, so when I saw smart run i was delighted. first run with it was fantastic. It was pretty easy to set up and syncing to my account went smooth. getting heart rate AND coaching all from this one device is superb, but adding the the Bluetooth connection for music really tied it all together for me! 05 November 2013
    Rated 5 out of 5 by Very happy I've been using the smart run and micoach to train for a marathon for 8 days now and I am already starting to see an improvement in my performance. Setup was simple and the micoach website is easy to use. Battery life isn't great, but fair considering all the things the smart run is doing while you run. A half marathon (with music) took it from 92% to 36% charge. On the plus side it charges quickly so just remember to top it up each evening after you run. The HRM works well and it takes the GPS about a minute to get a fix before you start each workout. The wifi sync is a nice feature as well. It won't replace your day to day watch, but if you have a serious training goal in mind, then it's a fantastic tool. 14 November 2013
    Rated 2 out of 5 by Nearly great, but oh the battery life. A brilliant idea and nearly a great product. Simple to use and easy to read when running, There were three issues to be aware of, firstly the wrist strap is short, being just long enough for my wrists, which aren't particularly fat. Secondly, the GPS seemed to have issues everytime I went under a bridge. Finally, and most importantly, the battery life was less than two and a half hours when running. This means I can't really use it on a regular basis for training. 18 November 2013
    Rated 2 out of 5 by A lot of money for a beta product... That's how the SmartRun feels at the moment - like a beta product. I am persevering with this because I've spent a LOT of money on this and I really LOVE the concept. However, it has led to a lot of frustration: GPS is bad. It does not lock on unless I'm in a clear area and takes 2-5 minutes every time - that's a lot of standing in the cold when I should be warm ready to run. The GPS accuracy fluctuates widely - occasionally it can be good - better than my phone app, but usually it jumps around adding extra distance and confusing pace/speed. I've seen errors of 20% or more - that's an extra mile in a 5 mile run. Battery is suspect. It has got a LOT better following the firmware updates but there is no way it will meet the published website specs of 4 hours normal with music and coaching or 8 hours marathon mode with no bluetooth or backlight. The best I've seen I doubt will even make 4 hours in marathon mode. The strap is quite short so be wary if you are a bit chunky! I've got quite slim wrists and am only on the third hole from the end. On the positive side, heart rate generally seems okay - I've had the odd runaway, but reseating the watch on my wrist usually sorts that. I love the coaching and am using the heart rate plan to train for a marathon in May. Bluetooth and wi-fi are also great. I love having wireless headphones and the music player, while basic, does an excellent job of reproducing the sound. Coaching with Victoria Pendleton or Jessica Ennis is a pleasure, although I'm not so sure Andy Murray would inspire me in quite the same way! As several have already said, when this does everything advertised, it will possibly be the greatest training device currently on the market. Adidas really should have got it right before rushing to market and I think it will suffer because of it. I can only hope that ALL of the problems are fixable and the watch will finally do what it should do. 22 January 2014
    Rated 3 out of 5 by No Watch mode / Battery so so Watch looks great! Cool design and look. I am a tall guy and could use one or two more holes on wrist band... I am on the last hole and its tight, but I guess better for the heart rate. Have not been on a run yet, this is the longest winter ever! But got GPS working on a few walks. #1 problem is I wanted this to be a daily use watch. NO always on watch face (old nike +) have to hit the button every time I want to see the time. #2 Battery life is short... even with no watch mode and only looking at the time with the button I don't think it will make a week. Much less if I use GSP. I love all the function , but it still needs the basic function of a watch. 20 March 2014
    Rated 3 out of 5 by Need to have larger band I was disappointed that the strip was so small, battery life is also a little too short. Also where can I get the ear piece for the watch? 30 November 2013
    Rated 4 out of 5 by Gives me all workout data I need without a chest strap As a woman I had ditched heart rate monitors years ago because I found the chest strap very uncomfortable when worn with a bra. I love that Smart Run can measure heart rate from the wrist without needing a strap. I can see all necessary info when running (HR, speed, distance, time) and it fits my small wrist very comfortably. It's handy that Smart Run syncs the data after each workout automatically and the touch screen makes it easy to use without having to memorize what a bunch of buttons do. If only it would come in PINK! :) 27 February 2014
    Rated 4 out of 5 by great motivator I am new to running but this equipment has been a great motivator to my training. The device is easy to install and use and does exactly what it says. The only problem is the battery life but once you learn to use as a sport watch rather than everyday watch then you'll be ok. It's a great piece of equipment. 21 November 2013
    Rated 4 out of 5 by Overall brilliant watch, but... Need to improve the battery life. Went out for a hour and half run with max power and returned with 49% remaining with just the GPS and HRM on. It claims that the watch will last up to 5 hours, but from this I think it will only last max 3 hours. Hopefully the next firmware update will resolve this problem. GPS located within 30 seconds which good compared to micoach app which take about same amount of time. The HRM is very accurate as long as the watch is fitted and positioned on the wrist. I love the display on the watch as it is a touch and swipe with very nice colours. Another improvement that could be made is the usb dock charger, the cable is too short, the watch is hanging at the back of my desktop computer. The way the watch is docked is poor as well, it will eventually have wear marks on the side of the watch. I love the micoach smartrun watch, would recommended to fellow runners 04 April 2014
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