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Predator Instinct FG Boots Good Purchase
10 November 2014

The shoe is amazing it is light and just perfect. The shoe gives good weight distribution which is good when your on the ball and the control frame gives you the feel for the ball when you are dribbling the ball. Also, when I try on the boot it is very soft and comfortable which is very useful in game. The little rubber pieces on the shoe are perfect for high spin and it really makes a different. The shooting with the boot is amazing as the boot is created with the rubber elements which really drives the ball forward giving the shot that extra power. Also, when you are performing a curve shot, it really gives that extra help which makes the boot perfect. The passing is also very accurate and easy with the gel pad, it gives that extra fell to the pass. The colour scheme is very sharp and bright which makes the boot look unique and makes your opponent who they realised they have been beaten with. There are much more great things to say with this boot but the only thing stopping this amazing boot is that, it could have more designs and colour schemes. But overall, just amazing! ... read more

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F50 adizero FG Boots Nice!
25 September 2014

Super good! A must ... These shoes are so light, when I put them before the match or training ... then you fly over the field! Moreover, they are also very strong ... I was with my last pair of these adidassen play 11 months before I noticed a tear , I have 26 hours a week training with my Nike's is not that a maximum of 2 months she went along , but when I found these shoes at the site ... a must for players that play at a high level and many hours of training have :) Regards Thomas ... read more

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Copa Mundial Boots Classic is Golden!
20 September 2014

After 30 years off the pitch, I've purchased my first boots and of course, they had to be Adidas! But what an amazing selection of great technology meets skill. After trying on several great boots, I could not help but to be in love with the classic Copa Mundial Boot. With the added classic blackout look, who could ever deny the beauty of natural kangaroo leather, all black, folded tongue, World Cup fashion. The feel is incredibly soft, inside and out and the width is perfect for any man's foot. Thanks Adidas for remembering that Classic is not old, just perfect! Blessings from a Forever Adidas Fan! ... read more

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F10 FG Messi Boots Great cleats!
23 August 2014

I bought these cleats from my upcoming soccer season. They are great! I was told these would not be the best for my wide feet but they were the best shoes for the money. I purchased them! They fit like a glove! They have molded to my feet wonderfully. After only six soccer practices they fit great. I would suggest these cleats to any player! Go Barça! ... read more

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Mundial Team A Classic...
14 January 2013

You can't go wrong with adidas when it comes to football/soccer. The Mundial Team are ideal for turf play (yes... obviously) but also for great for grass-play on firmer pitches. Here in Georgia it doesn't rain as much as it does back in the UK, so I can play in turf shoes on grass, even in the rain, pretty much year round. I broke in the MT's by wearing them around the house on and off for a few days... then to the store etc... just taking it easy... gradually wearing them more & more (ONLY for the break-in period though, now I only use the for training/matches on turf/grass) They were a little snug out of the box - my left foot is 9.5 US and my right is a 9 US - I purchased an 8.5 US. Now, two weeks later... they fit like a glove... That'll be the Kangaroo leather. When I was choosing which shoes to purchase I picked the MT's for these reasons: 1. I trust Adidas when it comes to Football (Period). 2. This shoe has been around 30-years (and wouldn't still be here if it wasn't relevant). 3. Kangaroo leather - it doesn't get softer than this... 4. When you break in these shoes, its like playing in glove like slippers... and I like playing in slippers! 5. Touch & Feel: Slipper like boots = good touch without loss of protection. 6. Protection: I deal with "big-footed / stampy / pushy" defenders for 90 mins, I need to feel protected and lightweight boots just don't cut it. To the critics that say they're too heavy or only good for defenders... The 5 or 6oz difference between these shoes and a super light cleat really is nothing, even if you're a striker or a winger you can wear these shoes. On that note... If you're slow I doubt it's because of the shoes... i.e. wearing the same shoes as Ronaldo or Messi will not make you the next Ronaldo or Messi... (Which makes me wonder what shoes they wore during the formative years of their respective careers - I doubt they were 1oz carbon fiber slippers!). So for the youngsters out there... You'll adapt to the weight difference, and you'll get stronger doing it. And for the older guys like me, it's a no brainer - these are so comfortable it's ridiculous... you'll forget about your shoes and just focus on the game. Hopefully I've convinced you to go ahead and buy these great shoes. If you look after them properly, they'll last for years. On that note: 1. Clean and towel dry after wear (a little warm water should do it). 2. Stuff with newspaper to absorb water. 3. Leave to dry overnight out of direct sunlight and away from heat. 4. Invest in some 'leather food' from England, to treat, nourish and protect the best turf shoes you'll ever own. Hopefully you'll find this review helpful. There are a lot of shoes out there, but not many as good as these. ... read more

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Predator Instinct FG Boots Quality shoes
19 August 2014

These shoes have great control and make crosses almost effortless. The five zones are amazing, along with its great look. It seems very durable as it has remained in top condition after 3 weeks. I recommend. ... read more

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Copa Mundial recommended
25 August 2012

these boots were recommended to me by my personal football coach, following several seasons with uncomfortable boots. however my mum was hesitant to purchase them because of price. but she saved some money in the long run as i have had these for 10 years i am on my way today to purchase my 11 year old brother the same boots as he says they are 'cool' (my mum is pleased about that). Consequently i would recommend these to any young or senior players that would like to be comfortable whilst playing the beautiful game. best wishes with your boots. Jake. 23 London ... read more

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Copa Mundial Best football boots
09 November 2011

I have recently bought the Copa Mundial football boots and I had chances to play matches with them. They are simply amazing and very comfortable! It seems that they can fit everybody and their unique vintage look is outstanding! If I need to buy a new pair of football boots I will certainly go for them again, without any hesitation! Thank you Adidas for selling those amazing and unique boots! ... read more

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F50 adizero FG Boots Great Cleat, Beautiful Color
09 August 2014

This is my first pair of ADIDAS cleat. I have been wearing Mercurial Vapor for a long time. This F50 got my attention at first because of its beautiful color at first. After I got them and played like 3-4 games, I have to say, the upper is not as thin, soft as Vapor X. However, overall, it is more comfort than Vapor X (not to mention Vapor IX) because of its width and the stud pattern. Regarding the sizing, I would say order half size down if you wanna a snug enough fit. My little advice, measure your foot from heel to toe and compare it with Japanese size on the box. That would be accurate enough. Hope this review can help you guys. ... read more

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Predator Instinct FG Boots Predator instinct - super boots
20 August 2014

Outstanding boots, light weight, great for ball control with the front and side grip! The flexible foot sole or instep was totally helpful when running at top speed. The overall boot itself also helped absorb any pain for hard fields, my last boots left me sore the next day. ... read more

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Copa Mundial Amazing Boots.
29 September 2013

I have had my first pair of Copas for 5 years, I now have to replace them. I play on hard turf in central Texas. These boots get beat up, I play between 2 - 4 games a week. I have regular boots and sneakers that haven't lasted as long as my Copas. They are light, durable, and feel great. I have tried on other boots from Adidas and other brands but none feel as good as the Copas. Thanks Adidas! ... read more

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Mundial Goal Brilliant
24 March 2012

Played indoor football for many years in trainers, then found Adidas Samba and thought that they were good. Now had a pair of these for a year or so and can say that they are easily the best indoor football shoes i've ever had. Superb grip, outstanding feel and fit. Won't ever use anything else. ... read more

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Predator Instinct FG Boots Apex Predator
29 July 2014

Incredible cleat. Easy to break in. The absolion nor absolado does the Predator cleat any justice. You get what you pay for. Easy to break in just like all previous predators were for me. Definitely suggest it.. ... read more

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Copa Mundial The Best Cleats Ever Made
12 June 2012

There is a reason why these cleats have been around for so long. It's because of their comfort, strength, durability, etc. One piece of advice, try the cleats on a the store before you purchase them because the leather on each pair may be a little different and if you have purchased a pair in the past, you probably have realized that the cleat stretches after multiple uses. I've had one pair of these cleats for over a year and I play hard each week and they are still in great shape. These are leather, so you may have to use a shoe freshener every once in a while. Overall, these are an incredible purchase for everyone. ... read more

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Copa Mundial Great fit, quality, and comfortable
10 May 2011

Excellent firm ground shoe with great feel. Works great on grass or on turf. Broke in easy after one day of playing (90 minutes). Very comfortable shoe... with other cleats I have had to add inserts for comfort, not with the Copa's. Buy one size down. I wear a size 10 for most Adidas shoes, but for the Copa Mundial I got a size 9 and still have a finger width of room in the toe. Also, this cleat is wider than most other Adidas cleats (which I think are usually too narrow), so I would call these normal width compared to other brand cleats. ... read more

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