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Reviews for: Samba

451 reviews
Samba Shoes Love the shoes
29 April 2016

Love the customization great option, Sambas are really nicely put together ... read more

nipperm go to product
mi Samba
28 April 2016

Great shoes, nice and comfortable with good quality . ... read more

Samxzp go to product
mi Samba Fits perfectly
25 April 2016

Very confortable, what u see what u get. Delivery was very quick. Good service. Happy with the trainers. ... read more

Makira go to product
Samba Shoes Great sneaker, odd sizing.
25 April 2016

I love the classic Samba style and the colourway is fantastic. Unfortunately they come up nearly a whole size too small which makes them very uncomfortable to wear for a whole day. Standard delivery is also very slow, received over a week after the initial order. ... read more

Robbiehaddock go to product
Samba Shoes Always buy these
22 April 2016

Always buy these , hard to get in stores so have to buy online . Usually buy 2 at a time . Love the fit and look of them ... read more

Haydo, Dublin go to product
Samba Shoes Highly recommended!
21 April 2016

I ordered these sneakers as a birthday present for myself :-) They are very cute, comfortable and stylish, they feet perfectly both, with dresses and casual outfits as well. I am size 37, I ordered 37 1/3 and they feet perfectly. They have become my favorite pair of shoes! ... read more

NinaD3003 go to product
Samba Shoes Excellent quality all round shoe
17 April 2016

A high quality shoe which can be worn in smart and casual environments. It's one of my go to options whatever the weather. ... read more

Tyards, London go to product
mi Samba A great pair
16 April 2016

Adidas Samba remain one of the best shoes made by Adidas. The shoes are comfortable and stylish, not only are they durable but they are incredibly easy to clean. All it takes is a quick wipe down and you're good to go. I first thought that he white stripes and the back could be a problem as they would become dirty, that was however not the case. The shoes remain in fantastic condition even after a few months. ... read more

zolomal, Leeds go to product
mi Samba Timeless classic!!!
15 April 2016

Bought these shoes for a month now. I've been looking for more and less an all round shoes. Found these samba shoes so perfect. Not only on the pitch but also off the pitch. Wear it at work and also to walk around. At first its a bit tight on width, but it only took a week to break in. Very true to size i must say. Highly recommended. Hope Adidas keep cotinue the production. I'll definitely get the second pair of samba in the future. Thanks ... read more

Leo1892, Malaysia go to product
Samba Shoes Best shoes ever
04 April 2016

These shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes I ever owned. Good quality, long lasting product. Recommended. ... read more

Dulu, Toronto go to product
Samba Shoes SQUEAKY
31 March 2016

be careful because these shoes squeak and you cant wear away the squeak and i am the most annoying person in my office when i walk. they squeak loud. ... read more

kungfuaaa go to product
Samba Shoes Great product
27 March 2016

Really nice product would recommend to anyone 5star ... read more

Sj1998, Leeds go to product
mi Samba Purchased for skateboarding
26 March 2016

does what its meant to do and so much more, it has amazing support and cushioning for impacts while still looking amazing 5 stars adidas, its the first of many i will buy ... read more

PedanticPinapple, Hinckley go to product
Samba Shoes Great service
26 March 2016

Always adidas, love the retro styles and quality is the best ... read more

Hartyparty, Bolton go to product
Samba Shoes Nice shoes
26 March 2016

Bought these shoes one sale. Overall, they were a great purchase. They look great and are comfortable. A bit squeaky though when walking indoors. ... read more

YOs3 go to product
Samba Shoes Sambas
24 March 2016

Quality trainer, I always seem to get drawn back to buying a pair of sambas, highly recommended ... read more

Craigni, Northern Ireland go to product
Samba Shoes An must have adidas classic
24 March 2016

This is my third pair of Sambas in 15 years. Great shoes, durable, it is a must have! ... read more

An40Dre go to product
Samba Shoes Great trainers
24 March 2016

These trainers look fantastic and have a very robust construction. Compared to other Adidas Samba trainers I have had in the past these are on the small side making them slightly uncomfortable. I would definitely recommend these trainers but would suggest that you consider ordering a 1/2 size larger than your regular size - I thought they would loosen up but they haven't really so it's a bit late for me to change them now! ... read more

DougieR, Edinburgh, UK go to product
Samba Shoes Great product
20 March 2016

good to fit with many kinds of cloth. the color looks perfect ... read more

kelanzhi go to product
Samba Shoes Great shoe. works well with everything
20 March 2016

Really like this shoe, looks great with almost any outfit. It doesn't look as long and narrow in real life as it does in pictures. ... read more

SABentz, Burnaby go to product
Samba Shoes Samba Shoes
20 March 2016

Very happy. I think a may buy an extra white pair and a couple of black pairs to have later down the road! ... read more

Powers1 go to product
Samba Shoes Great shoes
17 March 2016

These are great. Any squeaking of the tongue is really quite minor, at least on my pair. Comfortable for running, walking and cycling. ... read more

butters1337 go to product
Samba Shoes Can't leave home without it
17 March 2016

I have been wearing Adidas shoe since I am a youth, it perfectly fit me. I love the traditional but elegant design, light, comfortable and durable. I used it mostly for indoor activities and another pair for casual wear. Thank you Adidas! ... read more

SuperSam, Toronto go to product
Samba Shoes Samba shoes: Adidas best model
14 March 2016

I always loved these shoes! I had a pair last year that I was wearing all the time. The only problem I had was that the rubber of the sole was breaking! Except than that, great shoes ... read more

Richamer, Quebec go to product
Samba Shoes The classic!
07 March 2016

It's a classic through and through! Beyond the looks it is a really comfortable and durable pair. ... read more

Monkeymonkey go to product
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