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adidas Products

adidas.co.uk offers the latest and greatest gear that adidas has to offer at every moment. When you shop with adidas, you can rest assured that for more than seven decades, adidas has been synonymous with excellence. Our hallmarks are the very best in quality standards, technology and innovation. If we don't have what you are looking for on adidas.co.uk, you can use our Storefinder link at the top of each page to find an adidas retailer in your area. All adidas retailers share our brand values: a passion for sport, the most cutting-edge technologies and the very highest quality standards.


adidas Originals: Reflecting the timeless adidas heritage. Once innovative, now classic and always authentic, adidas Originals products are identified by the Trefoil launched at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

Sports Performance

All adidas products not only look great but also offer unsurpassed performance. In the Performance division, we strive to offer the most functional and best performing sporting products to athletes in all sports categories. Our passion and motivation is to help athletes who demand performance ahead of any other considerations. Performance products are designed using the very latest technical breakthroughs.

mi adidas

Some products on our website are accompanied by the mi adidas logo. Shoes that are shown with this logo can be personalised by clicking on the link next to the price on the product information page.


Our award-winning product innovations constantly strive to support athletes aiming to achieve ever better levels of performance. Our clothes and shoes use a lot of different technologies, which are described on the product page of each Sports product.