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Green • adizero

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Reviews for: Green adizero

25 reviews
adizero Tee Elegant exercise clobber
30 April 2016

A stunning t shirt well designed and lovely to wear ... read more

Yellowprincess go to product
adizero Tank Top Happy shopper
23 April 2016

Really unusual design but so comfortable for playing tennis. Looks great on! Only wish there was bra to match as most designs show at the back. ... read more

Tennisgirl123 go to product
adizero Ubersonic Shoes wider sizes required.
21 April 2016

Well they were beautiful shoes but despite being a size 13 they were imposibly tight . There seems to be no variety in the width of shoes by Adidas. You are assumed to have aslimline foot. Probably been ddesigned by Italians. ... read more

Justins go to product
adizero Tee Pretty tennis top
15 April 2016

Very nice colorful top. Comfortable fit. Fit is true to size. ... read more

MargaretC, Ireland go to product
adizero Tee Poor sizing
25 March 2016

The sizing is not right. I am always a large in adidas gear & it didn't fit. My original purchase was discounted so I lost money changing size. It is a nice design ... read more

Kris50, Melbourne go to product
adizero Takumi Sen 3 Shoes Wow, these are seriously light!
21 March 2016

These are my first proper racing shoes, and I'm used to road shoes that weigh around 350g each. My Takumi Sen size 10.5 shoes weigh around 188g each, so they're far lighter. They've got a small heel-toe drop, so they encourage forefoot running. Word of warning to inexperienced, slow or heel-strike runners: your calf and Achilles may be very sore the first few times you run with these shoes. I'm training for a half-marathon, and although I'm definitely going to wear these, I've also bought some Boston Boosts to put the miles in beforehand. Because so much of the weight has been stripped off these shoes, they do feel a bit flimsy. For example, the tongue is wafer-thin, and the sole is a series of rubber dots rather than a full rubber covering that you get on normal road shoes. I'd imagine they'll wear right down after around 200 miles, whereas I normally get 350-500 miles out of normal road shoes. Bear that in mind! ... read more

tom013, Hertford, UK go to product
adizero Tank Top Adizero Tank in green - great for Raquet Sports
17 March 2016

Great style and fit. Very versatile for both sport and fashion but would be even better if there was a sports bra that you could buy to wear under the tank so it matches with the back straps. (I hate bra straps showing). Works with the dress and the bra and shorts that come with it. Come on Adidas, give us a matching bra! ... read more

Poppet101, Montrose, Scotland go to product
adizero Ubersonic Shoes Great shoe
12 March 2016

Recently took up tennis. I like the style and comfort. Great shoe. ... read more

Manchester go to product
adizero Takumi Sen 3 Shoes Fast, flat and lightweight
11 March 2016

These shoes are so light I thought I had been sent an empty box! I like to run in a neutral shoe with a small heel-to-toe drop and these fit the bill perfectly. They also have excellent grip. Be aware that they are quite narrow, particularly in the toe box and in general have a snug feel. Funky colour, much admired. I am going to buy a second pair for when these wear out. ... read more

StamfordStu, Stamford, UK go to product
adizero Takumi Sen 3 Shoes Not what I expected
04 March 2016

Bought these last week because I did like the colour very much. Didn't fit my foot at all. They were too small and narrow so I've returned them. ... read more

Abi11, Bulgaria go to product
adizero Tank Top Stylish
28 February 2016

The texture and quality of the fabric are excellent but the design of the straps at the back are a little difficult to match with a sports bra. ... read more

Tennisfanatic, Yorkshire go to product
adizero Tee Light and comfy
15 February 2016

As the title says, this shirt wears very nicely. The only thing to watch for is it is on the loose side so you may want to go for a smaller size than normal. I take a medium but had to change for a small to get the fit I was looking for. ... read more

Jules0266 go to product
adizero Tee Great t shirt
15 February 2016

I was very pleased with this t shirt. Beautiful colour, well made, lovely material. ... read more

Janey3 go to product
adizero Tank Top Sports Top With a Difference
12 February 2016

How refreshing to have a sports top that's a bit different. This is so feminine and colourful. I love it. It's 2 layers. Bottom later is the block green colour and the top is mesh like but not mesh with the other colours. I'm generally a size 12/14 but I don't like things skin tight. I bought the large and its a perfect fit for me. The material near the underarm comes quite high so I reckon the smaller size would've been far too tight. ... read more

Mauly, Ayrshire UK go to product
adizero Tank Top Stylish tennis top
11 February 2016

Lovely design, colour and excellent quality. Not worn or washed yet so can't comment on that. ... read more

Ajeffo, Central uk go to product
adizero Ubersonic Shoes Highly recommended
26 January 2016

No break in, straight out the box the fit is great, feel really light good room in the toe box.hoping the durability is as i expect from Adidas. Arch feels very supported very stable moving lateral looking forward to some court time with these. Great colours very vibrant, ... read more

Toucano, Kent, UK go to product
adizero Ubersonic Shoes Just as I hoped
18 January 2016

Shoes arrived really quickly. They are light and comfortable, just what I was looking for. ... read more

Simon41, Norfolk, Uk go to product
adizero Ubersonic Shoes Great tennis shoes
15 January 2016

Comfy, light, yet tough and look great and would recommend to anyone. ... read more

Dickie778866, London go to product
adizero Ubersonic Shoes Great Shoes
11 January 2016

Very light, and for me comfortable straight away. If you've found other shoes have a "bedding in" / painful period and you want to avoid that, then try these. They look great too. ... read more

happy88, London UK go to product
adizero Ubersonic Shoes Adizero Ubersonic Tennis Shows.
08 January 2016

Love these tennis shoes. They are so lightweight & comfortable. And they look great. All the tennis coaches at my club are so impressed - and jealous! I regularly play on carpet & indoor acrylic and they are perfect for both. I also play on clay, AstroTurf & shale and again they are perfect for all these surfaces. Although I have yet to play on grass in this particular pair, I have played ingress in other pairs of Adizero unersonics. Again, they are perfect. This proving to be a tennis shoe perfect for ALL surfaces. ... read more

Crooky, Manchester go to product
adizero Tank Top I think it Is a sexy sporty dress ..love too wear it..
27 December 2015

Love tha colours ,there cool ..it would be good ,im a fit person ,, ... read more

Shantell, Ipswich QLD go to product
adizero Ubersonic Shoes Low profile without the cushioning
15 November 2015

Initially I loved this shoe I felt planted to the ground and moved extremely well on the court. It was almost my favorite shoe of all time. However... My knees really started to hurt after a few sessions on the court. I'm 35 years old and still play very hard but I wish I had younger knees so I could give this shoe 5 stars. ... read more

Double Back go to product
adizero Ubersonic Shoes Great shoes- disappointing sole
26 October 2015

I love the support and comfort these shoes provide. Initially I preferred these shoes to all previous purchases. However, I am disappointed by the lack of durability in the sole of the shoe. I have owned these for less than two months and for the past week and a half the sole has been worn through on my primary foot. I play tennis 10-12 hrs a week on hard courts. I guess if you play even half as frequently as that you would be better served by the Barricade shoes which are guaranteed for 6 months. ... read more

BenUMBC, Baltimore, MD go to product
adizero Ubersonic Shoes Good looking and comfortable
06 October 2015

Always hate having to buy new tennis shoes when the grip on the soles wears out, but this pair are a good-looking colour combination and instantly as comfortable as the old ones. ... read more

Pier3, London, UK go to product
adizero Ubersonic Shoes Best Adizero Yet
03 August 2015

Trust me when I say this, I have a lot of adidas tennis shoes. I am a big fan of the barricade and have recently been sporting the barricade 9 which I think is a great shoe. Recently I got the chance to test out the new Ubersonic, I have tried a couple of Adizero shoes in the past but often found them feeling either cheap or uncomfortable. Firstly, I was keen to try this particular model because I think it looks great. In all black with a red sole these shoes look like they mean business, a stealth bomber disguised as a tennis shoe. The profile of the shoe also boosts it's aesthetics, the guys at adidas told me this has been build on a running last thus giving the unbersonic a sleek and speedy look. The subtle 3 stripe branding on the side and adidas logo on the heel all add to the shoes look. It's not showy, it's 'I am going to sneak on on court, cause you problems, and then disappear before you even know who or what happened' and I love that! So, how does the Ubersonic perform? I haven't been harping on about the looks just because I am image concious, although we do all like to look good on court. However I think the performance of this shoe is actually based around the sleek and speedy look of it. The shoe feels planted, you feel low to the ground and ready to pounce, or dance if that's more your thing. My best analogy is that this this is an F1 car, and your the driver sat low and close to the floor. It defiantly does feel a little like a running shoe for tennis, and maybe that's what adidas had in mind. This shoe is supposed to be about speed and I certainly feel quicker around the court in this vs a barricade. Don't worry when I say running shoe, this still has good lateral support which is set toward the mid and rear of the shoe in the form of a reforced polymer band in which the laces loop through and lock you down. Adidas has informed me they have moved toward mid/rear foot support to help give more flexibly/agility in the forefoot, and this certainly delivers. Grip wise, at first they felt all over the show, I think with any new pair you need to take a thin layer of rubber off before they becoming sticky. After a few matches I feel I have a perfect balance between grip and the ability to slide a little on a hard court. A number of people often pick a tennis shoe based on durability, for me it's not really on my list of requirements, I go for comfort first, how it's feels, how it looks and then will it last. I am not best placed to comment on the durability having only worn the shoe for a couple of weeks. So far so good, I have been playing hard and pushing the shoe, there is a thick layer of rubber around the toe box for abrasion protection and mine still look close to new despite me sliding around the court. I am guessing the outsole will last as adidas have used the industry standard in durability, their adiwear6 rubber. Inside the shoe there is an internal sock and sharks tooth lining (that's what I call it) basically it grips the sock to stop your foot sliding around. I think adidas have really upped their game in the comfort category with this shoe and the most recent barricade, so we'll done adidas! I have given this shoe 5 stars, I think it's possibly one of the best shoes on the market aimed at a serious player with a fast game and I can't wait to put them on my feet again. Finally, word of advice, I am usually a UK 10, however the 10.5 fits me perfect. Thanks. ... read more

Budfox197, Manchester, UK go to product
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