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adidas - Energy Boost 2 Shoes Solar Blue / Tech Grey Metallic / Solar Metallic D66256
Women Running

Energy Boost 2 Shoes

£ 80.50 £ 115
Color Solar Blue / Tech Grey Metallic / Solar Metallic (D66256)

Energy Boost 2 Shoes

Picture the best run you’ve ever had. Now picture it lighter, faster and with more energy. The all-new boost™ midsole on these women’s shoes gives you an amazingly soft and bouncy feel that isn’t over-cushioned, so you can run right past your current PB before you even knew you passed it. The techfit™ upper has a seamless, sock-like fit that stretches and flexes as you run, and a TPU cage gives the foot stability. With TORSION® SYSTEM support in the midfoot and a stable heel counter.
  • boost™'s energy-returning properties keep every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy
  • techfit™ upper is engineered for natural, flexible support and a seamless, sock-like fit
  • Welded overlays for support and stability
  • Extended TORSION® SYSTEM for energy return in the forefoot and natural integrity in the midfoot
  • External heel counter for maximum fit and comfort; miCoach compatible
  • ADIWEAR™ outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability

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  • Technologies

    Benefit: Supportive Fit

    What it is: Stretchy fabric combined with elastic bands

    How it works: Techfit marries stretchy, foot-hugging fabric with elastic bands for a sock-like fit with added security.

  • Technologies

    Benefit: Durability

    What it is: Stuff that stands up to abuse

    How it works: ADIWEAR is a high abrasion rubber that lasts even when dragged or slammed into the ground.

  • Technologies

    Benefit: Endless Energy

    What it is: A revolutionary foam

    How it works: Boost features thousands of visible energy capsules that store and unleash endless energy every time your foot hits the ground.

Energy Boost 2 Shoes 4.6 5 68 68
Wanted to run long. I was hoping this shoe would work for long distance runs. It is a nice light weight shoe that just dosen't have enough cushion for me in the toe area. I tried it on 2 longish runs, A 10 and a 14 miler. Around mile 7 my toes were just not getting enough cushoin and were begining to feel the burn. After the runs the front of my feet continued to hurt for almost an hour. These could be perfect if the toes had more cushion. First time I have sent shoes back. I would have kept them for 5 and 10k's but not for $160 bucks. 09 April 2014
New Favorites Have always been brand loyal to Adidas and now this has clinched it. I did a race in the Energy Boost 2 after two short break in runs. No fit issues, no comfort issues. No issues whatsoever. Orthotics included. This is my Cinderella shoe. Unlike anything I've ever run in, and I run alot. The energy return is fantastic. I'm a mid foot striker and this is the most happy my feet have been in years. Love em. Sincerely, age group runner. :D 10 August 2014
Yikes, ripped already??? LOVE the shoes but after only having them for 2 months, I noticed a hole forming on the top of the shoe by my big toe knuckle. I don't excessively use the shoes, only normal wear for running and gym. I have friends with the older model who loved the shoes and haven't had any problems with them. I hope this isn't a defect in the new model! 14 May 2014
Best Running Shoe I have tried so many brands and shoes over the years because I get chronic shin splints when I run. These are by far the best running shoes I've ever had. I had the 1.0 and had to order the 2.0 the day they came out. They're light weight, flexible but still the most cushioned shoe on the market to help with impact. I highly recommend them! 05 March 2014
Energy Boost 1 vs 2 I'm 45, 5'7" 112lbs and a rookie long runner. I run 15-20 miles per week and run a 1/2 marathon every 3 months. I have a narrow to normal width foot and a flat to normal arch. I've purchased 4 pairs of EB 1 over the past year due to comfortability. The support of these shoes are incredible. My ankles and knees are very happy. When the EB 2 came out, I ordered it with high expectations. On the first run, I made it to mile 4 when my inside arch started to feel "the rub" just between my ankle bone and arch area. The construction of the EB 2 is stiffer thru the mid section and has a harder material in the area of "the rub". I had hoped it was due to the newness of the shoe, but after multiple attempts, I returned the shoe. I'm extremely happy with EB 1 and hope that the construction/material changes that were made for EB 2 are reconsidered. 24 April 2014
super cushy and light I've always picked more of a structured shoe and was worried about a super light shoe holding up - and this one does. The sole is great, I'm a heel striker, and it really absorbs the shock. Took it for it's first cruise on a downhill 10k race route, which almost always means sore muscles and I felt terrific both day after and 2 days after. Would def buy again. Only negative is they need more colour combinations. This one is pretty simple. 15 May 2014
Effortless, weightless magic ride - even for marathons I try to alternate the type of shoes I wear for long runs vs speed work so any gait imperfections get evened out between shoes (that's my theory anyway). Wore these for speedwork, hill repeats and anything under 20km. Every single run without fail was faster, pain and injury free with EB compared with my usual neutral runners that I had purchased 8 wks earlier from a podiatrist run specialty shoes shop in preparation for upcoming marathon. Running shoe shop assistant, podiatrist and physio all warned against using EBs for longer distances... but I was getting cramps and aching feet with the supportive runners I had bought for the marathon (the current year's model of the shoes I had run well with for the last 2 years). Started to panic 3 days out from the marathon - every run with EBs was effortless: light, supportive, cushioned. Nothing ever hurts. Every run with the marathon shoes caused discomfort, even on 10-15km runs. What to do?? Decided the day before marathon that to avoid self doubt, best to run with my happy shoes, Energy Boosts. I had the BEST marathon ever! As always with my EBs, nothing hurt, no blisters, no toenails lost. Ran/skipped/walked another 3km after marathon. Ran next morning without ANY muscle soreness. Ran 10km 2 days later with my other shoes - sore right calf and left foot again. Ran 20km 2 days after that in EBs - pain free. Just cannot explain how happy these shoes make my runs and therefore make me. Have spent $1000s on other brands - these have kept me injury free and away from physios and doctors. I see these as a economic investment in my running well being! Have just bought 3rd pair so I have some for my next marathon in 14 weeks. Adidas, PLEASE don't change a thing! These are PERFECT just the way they are, thank you! 12 July 2014
great midsole, upper needs some work These are a ton of fun to run in, super bouncy! However, the way the uppers are constructed just seems thoughtless. The tongue moves around alot, and the holes for the shoelaces are very hard. I got a blister from one of them right above my arch, and I haven't gotten blisters from an upper in years--uppers in running shoes just seem better constructed than they used to be. I still love running in them, but I wish the tongue was sewed down and a little more thought had been put into all parts of the shoe that come into contact with the foot. 08 July 2014
like running on a cloud! I am so thrilled with these shoes! I have osteoporosis and struggle to find a shoe that has enough cushion and durability. These are exactly that! I have a neutral gate and I just can't stress enough how comfortable these shoes are! In fact, I am going to order another pair in blue so I have both colors! 20 March 2014
Love them I have the same shoes in neon yellow and ran two full marathons in them plus other smaller runs. They are awesome. I love them so much I got another pair in blue. Very comfy, great cushion and just a perfect fit. 25 March 2014
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