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36 reviews
mi 11 Pro Highly Recommended
20 January 2015

I've worn adidas soccer shoes my whole life: mundials-> predators (4-5 years) -> Adipure (3 years - AdiPure IVs were probably my favorite shoes ever, aside from their awful durability). I'm super skeptical of non-kangaroo leather shoes, especially all the synthetic stuff. The fact that these were leather immediately appealed to me. 1.) they fit to size. I'm generally between a 10.5 (when they aren't consistent) and an 11 in an adidas, and an 11 fits me perfectly. 2.) the leather on these is awesome. Disregard them not calling it kangaroo. These shoes fit incredibly well. I've only worn them 3 times and they're already my favorite shoes I've ever worn. The touch is consistent. 3.) super light. Not used to adidas shoes this light. 4.) $185 is fair to me. 5.) fair criticism on the tongue moving to the side, but its not in an uncomfortable way. I adjust it occasionally, but mainly for aesthetic reasons. Also, i hardly ever write reviews. Adidas should send me a giftcard! ... read more

Gene Hart, Chicago, IL go to product
mi F50 adizero Nice!
25 September 2014

Super good! A must ... These shoes are so light, when I put them before the match or training ... then you fly over the field! Moreover, they are also very strong ... I was with my last pair of these adidassen play 11 months before I noticed a tear , I have 26 hours a week training with my Nike's is not that a maximum of 2 months she went along , but when I found these shoes at the site ... a must for players that play at a high level and many hours of training have :) Regards Thomas ... read more

Thommy, Belgium Leuven go to product
mi 11 Pro You should get it.
04 February 2015

I am now in my thirty and dont expect to play football (soccer) much longer, still I decided to go crazy and buy a final pair of football shoes. By "crazy", I mean I decided to spend significantly more than I normally do on pair of football shoes... And I dont regret it. The first think I noticed was how light those shoes were, it took me a game or two to adjust, but I love it now. I am not used to wearing such light shoes and you will feel a difference right away. The leather is apparently made of kangaroo, I havent had my shoes that long so I cannot really comment much on this. I assume the fact its kangaroo leather helps make the shoe lighter, however what I am trying to say is that I am not sure if K-leather is more durable than durable leather. Time will tell. Regardless. A great shoe. Highly recommend. ... read more

lefantome, Ottawa go to product
mi F10 SS15 great purchase
06 December 2014

bought these boots for my daughter and they were a great buy. fitted well look well and are comfortable on. delighted with them and would strongly recommend them. also got them personalized which was a nice touch ... read more

oonagh, n ireland go to product
mi F50 adizero Someone was thinking of me....
07 October 2014

.... When designing these boots. It is a perfect fit for ME especially considering I have wide feet. I found them really comfortable and most importantly - LIGHT. Just DO NOT machine wash them... They're easily cleaned and would recommend drying them indoors AWAY from the ... read more

ToksyW, London go to product
mi 11 Pro Great Cleats
17 February 2015

The quality of the cleats is amazing. The leather that is used is extremely comfortable when you break them in, even before you break them in, they are very comfortable. They are not too pricey for the quality of cleat and what you can get out of them. They are by far one of the best cleats I have ever worn. They are very durable and can last you a while if you take proper care of them. The availability to customize them makes them even better. With this option, you can choose what kind of ground you want your cleats to be allowing for maximum performance. In addition, they are quite appealing aesthetically. Since you are allowed to change their colors, they can be whatever your heart desires. The shipping time is not bad at all. I was able to receive them in three weeks when I was expecting them to take longer. I would recommend these cleats to everyone because they are worth every penny. ... read more

Heath Patterson, Charlotte, NC go to product
mi 11 Pro Best MODERN version of a K-leather boot!
16 February 2015

I've had tons of boots both synthetic and leather and I definitely prefer leather because the fit and feel it just on another level compared to synthetics and knit. 11pro3 and the copa mundial are my favorite leather boots of all time. This boot is both supportive an extremely comfortable and durable I've had mine for 3 months and they are in great shape, thanks Adidas for listening to the people and making an amazing boot I know you have some awesome stuff coming soon and I'm looking forward to testing those out too! ... read more

They call me C4, Palm Springs, CA go to product
mi 11 Pro Perfect
11 February 2015

I've been wearing the 11pros for a few years now but this model is by far the best! Because of the incredibly soft upper it feels already worn in and because of this I only needed 1 training session in them before game time! And plus in my opinion they are the best looking boot of 2015! ... read more

Polk, Victoria, Australia go to product
mi F10 SS15 Brilliant buy
29 December 2014

recently bought this product and must say I am very impressed, look good feel good and are just brilliant overall, advise anyone looking for a pair of boots to buy these, absolutely brilliant, highly recommend. ... read more

harryy24 go to product
mi F50 adizero BEST CLEAT. (PERIOD)
28 October 2014


sauerkraut66, GERMANY go to product
mi F50 adizero Lightest boots ever
20 November 2014

I bought these in black over the Predator Instinct FG boots and was apprehensive over the grip they would give me but as a player who has no problem generating curl on a ball I found these were fine. It is worth noting that these boots are extremely light (around 200g each) and as a result the leather covering the toes is thin which leaves you vulnerable to foot stamps but after playing my first game in them and leaving my defender in the dust at every opportunity I feel it is worth the compromise. If you incorporate toe punts in your game you may well want to reconsider buying these boots because as I say the toe coverage is thin. In regards to the fit I am a size 9 with wide feet and i bought an 8.5 to reduce the risk of heel and toe blistering of which I am particularly prone to and they fit very snugly with the laces done properly. I would buy these boots again and recommend these to anyone whose game is based around outpacing the opponent. ... read more

rcoates93, Brighton, UK go to product
mi 11 Pro very satisfied
17 February 2015

boots delivered on time and very comfortable from first wear. Only played one full game on grass and grip excellent plus cleaned up easily. Could probably do with slightly longer laces but otherwise would recommend. ... read more

Pete55, Hampshire go to product
mi 11 Pro Best boots ever purchased
21 February 2015

These are honestly the most fantastic boots I have ever purchased, the comfort on them is brilliant through the way they mould perfectly to your feet after a few sessions. They are built incredibly well with every section being put together flawlessly. They look fantastic and are definitely a boot that will grab a lot of attention from fellow players. But colours do come up a lot brighter, so that's the only area you need to be careful. But it doesn't affect the boot as they are still the best boot on the market in my opinion. ... read more

HannamH29, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, UK go to product
mi Predator Instinct SS15 Can never go wrong with Predator
20 February 2015

Boots were comfortable from the second I put them on, needed no breaking in and after 90 mins felt just as comfy as when I first put them on. Excellent swerve on the ball, I tend to strike the ball with the top/inside part of my foot and the new grooves are in the perfect spot. We won 3-2 and I had two assists!! My only complaint was had to send my first pair back. I'm a size 9 and have been in all my other predators, but when these came they didn't fit. Size 10 fits like the 9 did. Definitely recommend ... read more

Stampy, Canterbury, Kent go to product
mi F10 SS15 Good purchase
09 January 2015

The tape over the stitches Dosent look that great, however they are one of the best pairs of boots I have bought and the fit is excellent, therefore I would recommend this product, also I got my name printed and I payed and extra £10 for it and it's very small to be honest, but the boots themselves are excellent! ... read more

Nickyaya, Brighton go to product
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