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Blue • Boost • Shoes

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Reviews for: Blue - Boost - Shoes

105 reviews
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Really recommend it
22 November 2015

I like the shoes ,especially the sole,it's really soft and comfy. And it's climate heat ,so I don't feel cold in winter. If you like run and walk ,highly recommend it. ... read more

leonodo go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes To the moon and back
22 November 2015

Excellent quality fitting training shoes. Upper pert of the shoe fits like a glove giving you superb comfort throughout your running. Very light and soft on the feet! ... read more

Nick557, London go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Great Running Shoe
22 November 2015

Excellent look and feel to it and very comfortable when road running. ... read more

gentry22 go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Very nice shoes
21 November 2015

I like that shoes is very confortable. It's perfect for people how like to run and go at the gym ... read more

Hayss, Montreal, QC go to product
Response Boost 2.0 Techfit Shoes Great gym shoes
21 November 2015

These trainers give great support, but they're light and flexible and the colour combination really stands out ... read more

Vc21, Manchester UK go to product
Athletic Sport Shoes Expensive but good
19 November 2015

Good quality, comfortable and they look good. Their are cheaper adidas trainers available which look similar and will do the same job. ... read more

SKNU, Newcastle, UK go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Excellent Clydesdale long run shoe
17 November 2015

Have just purchased my 4th pair of Supernova Glide Boost shoes. I keep going back to them for my long run option. As a 200 pound plus runner I find they provide excellent cushioning, and they fit my feet very well. (I have medium width feet.) The third pair that I own is over 500 km of mostly asphalt running and there is a little wear on the heal so I would say the Conti soles stand up well to lots of mileage. Where my big toe contacts the upper I can see that there is starting to be some wear, however this is my typical pattern with all running shoes so I wouldn't consider this a deficiency. What else can I say? I like how they feel on my feet when I run and I am looking forward to crushing out another 800 km or so on pair number 4 once I have used up pair number 3:) My only constructive feedback would be that Adidas should expand the options for colours of their miAdidas in these shoes. Would make them even more fun! ... read more

Oldnslow, Calgary go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Great support
16 November 2015

Spent a little more than I would usually but the 15% discount helped... feels like I'm walking on air.... ... read more

kirit1966, Birmingham go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Adidas climaheat rocket boost
15 November 2015

These are by far the best pair of trainers I have worn in a long time they are that comfy in looking to purchase a pair of the walking boots for work also ! Highly recommend ! ... read more

Janders, Darlingtn go to product
Energy Boost ESM Shoes SImply beautiful
15 November 2015

This shoe is stylish and comfortable, without this I would be screwed. I feel like I can touch the sky. Recommend it to those who run or walk quite a lot. ... read more

Anthsss, Sydney, Australia go to product
adistar Boost Glow Shoes Very comfortable
12 November 2015

I'm finding adidas shoes to be getting narrower the last few years, and the adistar glow is no exception, so recommend going half a size up to get the right width. Once I worked this out, they are very comfortable and fairly supportive shoes, preventing my feet from rolling in too much. The extra half size does make the ball of my foot bounce around a tad more though, and arch support is minimal unfortunately, an area I hope they address in the future. I'm about 200km of jogging into them (primarily on asphalt), and there is only slight wear on the soles so far, and the upper is still mint - great durability given I'm no lightweight. The grip of the Continental rubber is astounding also. I'm overall very happy, and will definitely go for the same again in the future. ... read more

biqua, Sydney, AU go to product
adizero Tempo Boost 7 Shoes suprised
09 November 2015

lighter than expected, the boost sole is stiffer than i tought, great shoe ... read more

mlaf21, valleyfield go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Great Support
09 November 2015

This sneaker feel great on your feet. If you choose to order this pair. They fit a little small. Make sure you order a half size larger. ... read more

Speedy36, Ohio go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Feels good so far
09 November 2015

I normally fit a size 10 and have a narrow foot, but based on a previous experience, ordered 10 1/2 which fits perfectly. They look great but have I not had much opportunity to try them out fully, however, so far so good. ... read more

Adrenalinjunkie, Yorkshire go to product
adizero Tempo Boost 7 Shoes Suprised
08 November 2015

Vert light, Heel is firm ( more Than i expected because of the boost ) Overall great shoe ... read more

Laf21, Valleyfield go to product
Response Boost 2.0 Shoes designed for heel strikers
04 November 2015

The upper is ok, reasonably light and doesn't retain water. The sole is durable rubber that provides a lot of grip, I ran on slippery wooden boards and found grip. Downsides are : size, I had to go up half a size from traditional Adidas sizing (though this brings its sizing more in line with most other manufacturers). weight, as a forefoot striker the weight is mostly at the rear of the shoe in a load of cushioning I rarely use. The cushioning in the forefoot is misleading as this shoe has not been designed with midfoot or forefoot strikers in mind and just slows us down. I'll keep the shoe now as a winter plod along trainer and throw it after 100 miles - 5 done so far.. as I've worn it outside. Recommend this as a good shoe for stubborn heel strikers. ... read more

tman, Wales go to product
adizero Tempo Boost 7 Shoes nice shoe
02 November 2015

Been running with minimal style addi zero for running offroad up mt manganui, because didnt like the bulky responce and supernova. These feel like they fit perfectly for my now 80% road running scenario and more cushioned in the toe area but still light. They feel better for longer distances for me and because they have a full rubber sole i can use them for jumping on my hardtail and hit some jumps round aucklands urban jungle. Nice bit of daglo detail to keep it interesting. Nice shoe. ... read more

munkeyboy, auckland nz go to product
adistar Boost Glow Shoes Once you wear boost you'll never look back!
01 November 2015

First of all, I'm an overpronator with wide (2E) feet; I have generally found that most Adidas shoes fit me well and have therefore been a return customer. A friend of mine who worked at The Athlete's Foot recommended the Adistar SS13 energy boost when they first launched back in 2012 (?), since then I have continued to wear Adistar boost shoes to train, gym and run in. I found that on of the previous models (FW13) my foot was to wide across the forefoot and the seamless join blew out in two pairs (in the same spots); the boost glow's have remedied this with superior seam welding and less flexible but more durable material. Whilst initially this stiffer material made 'wearing-in' these shoes a little bit more of an uncomfortable process, I can safely say that they eventually stretched and shaped to my feet. Playing Australian Rules Football where there is a lot of lateral explosive movements, I have found these shows to be incredibly durable and ridiculously comfortable - day after day! It never ceases to surprise me just how comfortable they are each time I put them on! The Continental rubber soles wear like previous models - reasonably quickly - which is the only negative comment I can make. I'm generally a US10.5 in all Adidas shoes but had to go up half a size to a US11 as the guy was a bit too snug with the denser materials. I'm not a 'runner' as such but do manage to clock up a few km's between football training and the gym/treadmill; these shoes have been incredibly reliable and I feel quite safe and locked-in around the ankle. I cannot recommend these shoes highly enough, in-fact, I swear by them so much that I've ordered another two pairs. I never feel at risk of rolling my ankles or the shoes failing me as they are so sturdy and supportive. Do yourself a favour and run in boost - no other cushioning system comes close to matching their superior technology. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ... read more

Seancie, Tasmania, Australia go to product
Energy Boost ESM Shoes A brilliant runner
28 October 2015

I have owned Adidas shoes in the past and they generally tore my feet to shreds so I gave the brand a very wide berth until I took a chance on these shoes. I've run over 700km in these shoes and they are still in great condition and are not giving me any problems at all. When I first used the shoes the rubber soles were a bit slippery on the pavement, but after about 50km of running this problem disappeared. I used them during a half marathon which was carried out over roads and bush trails, during a heavy storm. Tracks were flooded, all surfaces were wet, trees had been blown down, and everything i was wearing got soaked. Apart from one very slippery section (clay downhill), the shoes performed very well and remained comparatively light. I highly recommend these shoes ... read more

Armoured, Whangarei, NZ go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Excellent running shoe
26 October 2015

I've been wearing this shoes for over 3 months for running. I normally do 5K for 2-3 days a week. It's the most comfortable shoes I've got. I now wear it to walk to work as well because my other shoes is not as comfortable as this one. Highly recommended. ... read more

JustARunner, Edinburgh, Scotland go to product
Response Boost 2.0 Shoes Clunky
26 October 2015

I purchased these and a pair of Glide. I found the response a bit bulky comparied to the glide. There was little repsponce to them, for a little bit more money, I would recommend Glide which are a lighter weight. ... read more

Hulk24inch, UK go to product
Response Boost 2.0 Shoes Light weight and responsive.
22 October 2015

I have always liked the response line of running shoes due to their basic, no nonsense approach. Not a lot of needless bells and whistles just decent cushioning. I have run in the supernova line as well but always felt they were a bit heavy and stiff. The response boost runs like a light shoe with good flexibility. Great basic trainer. ... read more

Duman66, West Terre Haute, IN go to product
Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes
21 October 2015

Arrived within specified timescales and size was spot on. My only complaint is that the toe area is too narrow to make it a practicable running shoe. OK for casual use but if your looking for a running shoe then look elsewhere. ... read more

Sparticus, UK go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes As good as ever
21 October 2015

I am a casual runner, only 10 miles or so per week. Have been wearing Supernovas for years so I stick with them. Have not be disappointed yet. ... read more

Lee M, Indiana, USA go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Well worth the money
21 October 2015

I have been running in Adidas Ultra Boost for 1 year, and decided to try something different, Glide came recommended by club members and also Adidas online chat. The first thing I noticed is that they are light weight compared to the Ultra Boost, maybe a bit less cushioning but they are wider in the toe which is great for those long run when your feet expand. ... read more

Hulk24inch, UK go to product
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