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adidas - adizero F50 TRX FG Boots Solar Blue / Running White / Solar D67203
Men Football

adizero F50 TRX FG Boots

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Color Solar Blue / Running White / Solar (D67203)

adizero F50 TRX FG Boots

Built to catch up to just how fast you really are, these men’s football boots light up the pitch with a burst of power and colour. Fitted with TRAXION™ FG cleats for a ferocious grip on firm ground pitches, this elite-level boot dominates from box to box with SPRINTFRAME heel-to-toe stability and a DRIBBLETEX grip across key areas all around the upper, for goal-bound steals, blocks and shots.
  • Weight: 150 g
  • HYBRIDTOUCH synthetic leather material for premium softness, light weight and performance
  • Semi-transparent SPEEDFOIL upper material for light weight, soft feel, high durability and great heel fit
  • DRIBBLETEX raised 3D grip texture for high-speed dribbling under wet and dry conditions
  • The SPRINTFRAME construction uses geometrical research and a new stud configuration to offer the perfect balance between light weight and stability; miCoach compatible
  • TRAXION™ outsole for maximum grip in all directions; SPEEDTRAXION high-speed stud alignment for maximum acceleration and quick turns
  • Technologies

    Benefit: Great Grip

    What it is: Specially shaped studs

    How it works: TraXion’s studs are shaped for sport-specific movements, so you get grip and release in the right direction.

  • Technologies

    Benefit: Lightweight Support

    What it is: Lightweight frame

    How it works: Sprintframe works like a race car chassis, adding lightweight structure and support to fast-moving feet.

adizero F50 TRX FG Boots 4.7 5 52 55
Great boots! I've had Adizero boots for the past few seasons, and these are by far the best. I have the Soft Ground version with the metal studs and they still feel lighter than my old ones and way lighter than my LZ's. Touch is perfect and they are easy to cross and shoot with, which I had previously had problems with when using the last few Adizero boots. Being a winger and being played often as a striker, centre forward and attacking midfielder, having a fast boot to support my pace and a secure boot for those tight turns is very important, and these tick all the boxes. Awesome boots and looking forward to playing in them. The black, white and blue XTRX also look great. 09 January 2014
greatest boots ever these are the best boots ever they are so light i cant even believe it and they are so strong and high quality too. they are a bit expensive but worth the purchase i have never worn any boots better than these love them 16 February 2014
Amazing I have always been watching the adizero change over the years, but I had never had the chance to buy a pair, and I had just stuck to my old boots, until just the start of this week I ordered my pair which arrived on Tuesday, I was feeling a bit worried about my purchase and if it was going to be worth it, Thursday was my first game that I played in these, and it was amazing, and definitely was worth the purchase, I couldn't believe how much better I had accelerated and the turns were unbelievable, must by if you're a speed player 28 February 2014
Major Improvement, except... I think overall this is the best synthetic F50 so far. the synthetic is really soft, thanks to its Hybrid Touch material. It also features speed foil and dribbletex, and both of those technologies perform amazing. The speed foil is a cool feature and even though it looks like its going to break apart after 1 game, but it does not. It is a really durable material. The dribbletex is another cool feature that Adidas adds to this year F50. Honestly, I think it works to certain extent, but it will not help your touch (it all comes down to the individual skill). I prefer to dribble with outside of my shoes and one critic that I personally have with dribbletex is that it does not cover the outer part of the shoes. This year F50 will also feature all-new studs pattern and it works great when you make quick cuts, but it feels kinda clingy when you want to make quick turning moves. The fit is perfect and I highly recommend stay true to size. The fit is a little bit tight right out of the box, but once you put enough hour, it will mold perfectly to your foot. Weight: 150g, Amazing Negative: Personally, I got blisters on my left heel and it is annoying. I did not have this problem with my pervious F50s and any other Adidas cleats, so I'm quite disappointed with this. 21 November 2013
Great choice ever This was a Xmas gift for my brother this year. It was suprised him cause he just got in soccer team at his high school. He's been used that straight away after that for practicing and he said its the best gift ever. Comfy, nice color and great professional for soccer player. Even his friends asked where he gets it. Thanks for the good product n quality you made. 03 January 2015
Amazing! I love these boots! I was so reluctant to buy them. Because I play AFL not soccer. They are lighter then asics lethals. Sooo good :,) 11 December 2013
A Great Pair of Cleats I play a very aggressive style of Defense! These cleats have held up through the roughly 30-40 games I've played in them. All I do is wipe them off and they look just like the day I bought them! Pros. 1. Super light and sturdy! 2. Allows for quick sprints! 3. The material is very stiff so when you strike, cross, or clear the ball from the goal, your toe will not deform the material and mess your aim up. 4. Fits well with shin guards with an ankle sock and ankle pads. 5. Look great on the pitch! Cons. 1. Takes a few games to break them in. 2. The toe of the cleat is very narrow. 3. If you are playing on a wet pitch then you need to buy the soft ground plate. The standard plate will have you sliding everywhere. Overall I have always been a fan of the F50 series! I would recommend this cleat to anyone in any position that likes stiff, light, and bright cleats. 04 February 2014
Excellent Adidas F50 Blue Samba I've bought this shoes 2 weeks ago and it was a very fast boots. I had no problems with it and I really enjoy it. When I run with my feet it feels really light which I like Because it helps me improve my game This boot is the best F50 boot that I've have ever worn and it is 150 grams that is the lightest boot from Adidas One thing that I didn't like is that its a bit too expensive but its the best boot I've have ever worn So I recommend everyone who is reading this to buy these boots. 26 April 2014
Top Class Boot I've had these boots for a little over two months now and have been able to give them a good run out.. The new upper on it is a little stiff at first but even just wearing them around in the dorm for a little bit loosened it right up and it because very comfortable. It does fit a little more narrow than the previous model, I had the leather version of the previous boot so that's probably why, but its not enough to turn away from this boot. The speed foil of the back looks kinda flimsy and waxy but it holds up extremely well during play. The dribble tex is a nice feature to have but honestly i didnt notice too much of a difference playing in the rain, but when its dry you can definitely tell there is a little more control than usual synthetic boots. The sprint frame is a little stiff as well, as usual with new boots, but I found that just warming up in them broke them in quite well. Striking the ball seems pretty nice although it does feel different than the last model. With the synthetic being thinner you definitely feel more of the strike on your foot and your shot is going to be a little more sensitive than it would be with a thicker leather upper. The whole upper together is constructed very well. The small problem i have is the joining of the hybridtouch and the speed foil happens to hit right on a soft spot on the side of my foot so sometimes i will loose circulation in it. But again the boot will fit differently for everyone and it's definitely not something that will turn me away from this boot. The last piece I'll talk about is the new stud layout. Its fantastic. When you plant to change direction there seems to be a ton of grip doing so. I'm use to planting and getting sometimes even a little give from the ground but the wider stud configuration on these has made them great for changing direction. Your foot stays planted and it makes that quick cut a little faster. The studs don't add any pressure to the foot or anything that i can tell so far and I'm even using the light weight insole. Over all the boot is phenomenal. If your looking for a nice light weight mix of a leather that won't stretch on you this would be my recommendation. Other than that best of luck in your footballing. 08 January 2014
Best cleats ever, every light 29 November 2013
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